• My occupation is To have some fun in this wiki!!!

More will be coming.

About me

I'm not gonna revealed about myself but some of you know who I am.So plz don't reveal it. People you can call me Bloom.

About my Penguin

Not telling!!!!

My favorite pages

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My contributions

Picture with my friends

(these pics were took by User:apj26 and that is why fottymaddy has a blue ring around)

File:Screenshot 159.png
Box dim2
Box dim1
Box dim3
Box dim4

Me-down right conner

File:Screenshot 159.png
Screenshot 160

All my friends and me on the left with a pink guitar

Box dim14
Box dim13
Box dim12
Box dim11
Box dim10

My friends

Box dim9
Box dim8
Box dim7
Box dim5
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