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Penguin Style Oct 2012 1 Blue20913 is competing in JWPengie's Halloween Costume Contest!!! Wish them luck!
ORANGEpuff This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
FAV This user's favorite color is Blue.
Blue Pennant full award This user is from the Blue Team!
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue Blue20913 has a blue puffle named Blue.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Black Blue20913 has a black puffle named Black.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Brown Blue20913 has a brown puffle named Brown.
Operation Puffle Post Game Interface Puffe Image Green Blue20913 has a green puffle  named Green.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange Blue20913 has an orange puffle named Orange.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Pink Blue20913 has a pink puffle named Pink.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Purple Blue20913 has a purple puffle named Purple.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow Blue20913 has a Rainbow Puffle  named Rainbow.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Yellow Blue20913 has a yellow puffle named Yellow.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card White Blue20913 has a white puffle named White.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red Blue20913 has a Red Puffle named Red.
Amulet icon all gems This person is a master of the elements! BOW AND TREMBLE IN THEIR POWER! I SAID BOW AND TREMBLE!
CardJitsuFire Logo Blue20913's favorite form of Card-Jitsu is Card-Jitsu Fire.
FireNinja4 Blue20913 is a Fire Ninja!
WaterNinja4 Blue20913 is a Water Ninja!
SnowNinja3 Blue20913 is a Snow Ninja!
Rockhopper with Yarr In-Game Blue20913/Userboxes has found Rockhopper! Arrg!
Gary New Style Blue20913 has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!
This user's birthday is on February 5th.

USFlag This user is American.
Calendar Blue20913 is 542 (or more) days old on Club Penguin!
Recyclepin This user is Eco-Friendly!


Stamp26 Blue20913 has 234 or more Stamps.
Twitterbird Blue20913 has a Blue 20913 Twitter account account.
Igloo1 Blue20913/Userboxes has an amazing igloo. Why don't you check it out?
Dd Blue20913 knows who the Director of The EPF really is!
Hatevandalism This user HATES vandalism so much that they want to BREAK vandaliser's computer to pieces!

CrimsonKnight Sir Blue20913 shall vanquish thou, vandals!
Bully Blue20913 hates bullies!
Membership Badge Blue20913 is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!

SOMLOMLYPLEDGE Blue20913 states that they will never stop editing the wiki!

Pencil Pin This user may not be active as usual due to homework.
New Spyhpone 1 This user completed 123kitten2's mission, Answer the Call.
Brown Skater Hat clothing ID 11017 Blue20913 has found Mariocart25's Secret page! Congrats!
Puffles Infobox Blue20913 did the mission, Herbert's Revenge (by JW). Good work agent.
PurplePuffle15 Blue20913 finished Hot Dog Red's mission called Herbert's Puffle Plan.
Blue20913/Userboxes was a PSA Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans were always spoiled!
Ninja Hideout 2010 Blue20913 misses the Ninja Hideout, They wished for it to return :(
Male Blue20913 is male.
United States flag Blue20913 lives in the United States of America.
Club Penguin Blue20913 plays Club Penguin!
Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! Blue20913 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
Sad Emoticon This user does not like pookies!
Pookie This user HATES pookies!
Allpufflespecies This user is a Puffle Lover!
RP Sad Blue20913 feels so bad for the unadopted puffles at the pet shop when they crawl around in the tubes and feel very sad looking at the pookies that take over their Pet Shop.
Penguin1037 Blue20913 is out to find your secret page!
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