Anchor Pin Boidoh remembers the 11/12 October CP Wiki Crisis and once joined the Federation of Penguins!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Penguin User Name Is Boidoh. I am ussaly on the Frozen Server. I am a red penguin too. I am a tour guide and also a Honorary Member Of The Blue Team. I normally have on the Red & Black shirt with the sailors hat the Spy Sunglasses and the black tie. My favorite rooms are: The Crow's Nest, Migrator, Ship Hold, Beach, Telescope, Snow Forts, Dance Club, Boiler Room, The Mine, The Mine Shack And The Captain's Quarters.

My Club Penguin Videos

Top Twenty Club Penguin Songs (Part 1 20 - 11)

Top Twenty Club Penguin Songs (Part 1 20 - 11)

My Puffles

  • Pop -  My Purple Puffle I kept when i became a non-member. He used to like to hide before i became a non-member again.
  • Freeze - My White Puffle I kept when i became a non-member. He always liked to freeze stuff and make snow.


This is the place where I will post all actual club penguin jobs that are featured in the penguin style catalog or the Penguin Times and the items they wear. Note: I will post these as I see them so it's just a work in progress.

  • Ski Patrol Rescue Squad
  • Pizza Parlor Chef
  • Honorary Member Of The Blue Team
  • Secret Agent
  • Ice Cream Server
  • Black Smith
  • Life Gaurd
  • Painter
  • Rad Scientist
  • Tour Guide

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Club Penguin (Boidoh Ad)

Club Penguin (Boidoh Ad)


I Currently Have 11 Awards!! :) Keep Them Comming

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