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My penguin

Name: Wiwe99

Password: You wish i said it

Age: 544 days old, as of December 25 2008.

Bans: Practically non

My penguin as a ninja

e, but some time ago some friends classmatesenemies saw me enter my password at the computer lab and started banning my penguin. Everyone in the school knew it, until I emailed Club Penguin and changed my password. That kids are really annoying, and keep teasing me.

Schools over now and im gonna change school next year.

Membership: I am a member. I was long ago for 1 month. My membership expired and later i bought another one for 6 months.

Ninja: Yes

Agent: Yes

Tour Guide: Yes

Missions completed: All missions.

Servers: I go on in ANY server that shows up in the suggested list



Right now i'm in: --


If you wanna be my friend, sign here.

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