Full Name Botman34
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF Agent, PSA
Appeared All Partys (2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013)
Color Black
Clothes Items The Tuft, Black Sunglasses, Halloween Scarf, Black Hoodie
Related To lol
Friends With unknow
Meetable Character? Yes
  • for winter fiesta 2007
  • for winter party 2007
  • for st patrick 2007
  • for april fool 2007
  • for easter hunt 2007
  • For Pirate Party 2007


Male Botman34 is male.
Big ben Botman34 resides in England.
Logo-hollywood-party-2013 This user to participate in The Hollywood party 2013
Blue puffle I completed CHOWDER2000's Quiz
Monsters logo large Botman34 likes the movie, Monsters University.
GoldMedal This user won Dps04's Second Quiz! Brilliant!

EmployeeOfTheMonthTrophy This user won Dps04's Second Quiz! with extension questions! Perfect!
RockSei This user has completed half of the 2005-2010 quiz.
Gary42 Botman34 has completed PixieLil's Gary the Gadget Guy quiz!
3D ROR furniture icon ID 2022 Botman34 is a member of Roar Omega Roar
50 Botman34 has made over 50 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

100 Botman34 has made over 100 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.


Puffle Care Icons Pizzapepperoni This user Loves pizzas!!!!
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