About me

Brick Powers is a fan of CP, and makes appearences for fun. He resides in the UK,and is obliterating everyone who isn't his friend :D Other than Club Penguin,he likes Minecraft and Youtube.

About my Penguin

Brick Powers
Meh playar card image

The last thing most evil will ever see
Penguin's Name Bathero99, Bathero99H, Daninjaman
Favorites Thinking, reading, making videos AND avoiding chat.
Member? Not currently
First Pin Rockhopper's Key Pin
Famous Penguins Met None
Date Joined Wiki I don't really care
Date Joined Club Penguin See joined wiki
Admin? Nope.

Bathero99 is a penguin who is very kind, although silent. As seen in these pics, this is where he would look like.



Autism This user has autism.
Male Brick Powers is male.
Lloydwithstick Sensei Wu is proud, for this user aced the NINJAGO Quiz!

Khantar07 April 2013 Brick Powers has completed the Khantar's IQ Test! Good job!

Ninja This user hides in the shadows.....

My friends

  • I have no friends. :-(
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