Oh, hi! My name is Bunny, but you could call me Blue. (My CP name is Bluebunny114) I have been a club penguin fan for years and I want to work for club penguin when I get older. There isn't much to see here, so just leave if you want.

About my Penguin

My penguin joined CP in August 9/2010. I usually wear things like The Twister, Layered Bubblegum Look, and White Diva Sunglasses. My penguins username is Bluebunny114, I am on 24/7 so add meeee! :D I currently have 243 stamps. My puffle is purple because it matches my persona :D

What I do in Club Penguin

I am usually exploring, dancing, eating pizza, or swimming. Nobody in Club Penguin ever pays much attention to me, so I am usually left out and not talking. If I try to talk, I'm ignored :( But on the bright side, no fighting will happen! Hurray!! :D


BunnyloveXD is female.
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