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About me

Hi! I joined Club Penguin around August 2007, I was active quit a while. I have a very deep knowledge about the game and its history, I know almost every small detail about it ;) For now I am mostly interested in small details, Easter eggs, secrets and mysterys in CP. I'm looking to make new friends, and help the wiki! I host a small twitter account called "ClubPenguin Trivia" were I post Trivia questions aevery now and then. Think you can answer correctly? Check it out!

About my Penguin

I joined Club Penguin around August 2007, when Rockhopper was visiting... My first party was the Camp Penguin party, my first pin was the green Tent Pin. I was a part of the CPIP Project, I got my Red Hard Hat from there...

My favorite pages

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My contributions

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