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Ideas for CP

  • A new catalog called 'A Mix of Variety' which is just another version of Penguin Style for Level 5 Members in a new room called 'The Mall'. It would include things like Rares and unreleased items.
  • Non Member's Catalogue which would have a free item every month. That would be for any penguin.

CPFAN'S Corner

The real thing is here.

5 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. My favourite food is corn.
  2. I don't belive that 2012 is doomsday.
  3. One of my hobbies is collecting puffles.
  4. I am not a vegetarian.
  5. My favourite beverage is Fanta.

Breaking the Tie

Click this link.

Funny Pics Slideshow

  • He sure looks drunk.
  • I got a new hat! YAY! *does weird dance*
  • Green guy - nerd, blue guy - weirdo, yellow guy - childish wannabe, red guy, geek.
  • Hmm, I sold my ship for this and there's no X... man this was a ripoff!
  • The brand new BTR episode, Big Time Penguin Invasion!
  • He's making the middle of nowhere seem like home.
  • He's magic! But I can't seem to find his wand... ah crackers here come the EPF to arrest me. I swear I wasn't pickpocketing!!
  • Bully.png I think he needs to consult a doctor.
  • Just some minor brain surgery should do the trick.
  • Deal with it pal.
  • Hey Rockhopper, you might wanna save the money for your stash.
  • Monorailcat.jpg The mega kitty, Monorail Cat!
  • The End.

Herbert's Revenge

Click here for Volume 1 of the book series.

Weekly Poll

What is your favourite part of Music Jam out of these 5?

The poll was created at 10:59 on July 10, 2010, and so far 22 people voted.

Danger Piggy!

Danger Piggy is OUT! Go to User:CPFAN/Danger Piggy!/Book I: Battles of the Dungeon to read book 1!


CARZtv is a system used to make plays and YouTube shows (when I figure out how to get HyperCam). You can register here.

Carzmoviefan's Player Card

  • The Sunstriker
  • Black Sunglasses
  • Surf Necklace
  • Black Hoodie
  • Flare
  • Black Checkered Shoes

Elite Puffles

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