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====='''The bountiful plants'''=====
====='''The bountiful plants'''=====
[[File:Rockhopper Background - Prior to the Adventure Party 2009.png|thumb|Rockhopper and Yarr on their [[Rockhopper_Background_(ID_9029)|exclusive background]] for the party, showing their ship abundant with nature.]]
[[File:Rockhopper Background - Prior to the Adventure Party 2009.png|thumb|Rockhopper and Yarr on their [[Rockhopper_Background_(ID_9029)|exclusive background]] for the party, featuring their ship abundant with nature.]]
On May 21, 2009, penguins sighted from the telescope a Migrator ship full of plants, almost overflowing that it looked "really full". Rockhopper set ashore on May 28, 2009. He was met with and interviewed by a reporter from the Club Penguin Times.<ref>[ Issue #189 of the Club Penguin Times, Page A2]</ref> And he told him why he brought the plants:
On May 21, 2009, penguins sighted from the telescope a Migrator ship full of plants, almost overflowing that it looked "really full". Rockhopper set ashore on May 28, 2009. He was met with and interviewed by a reporter from the Club Penguin Times.<ref>[ Issue #189 of the Club Penguin Times, Page A2]</ref> And he told him why he brought the plants:
{{Quote|Avast! They remind me of home. But they be growin' too fast and 'tis hard to dance a jig on deck!|}}
{{Quote|Avast! They remind me of home. But they be growin' too fast and 'tis hard to dance a jig on deck!|}}

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Rockhopper Infobox Image

Rockhopper trailing through the jungles of Rockhopper Island

Aliases Captain Rockhopper, RH
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Profession Captain of The Migrator,
Pirate adventurer
Meetable Character? Yes YesCheck
First in-game appearance October 13, 2006
(1st return to Club Penguin)
Signature Rockhopper sig

Did ye hear that? The winds be callin' me!
— Rockhopper
Rockhopper&#039;s Current Player Card - Thumbnail

Rockhopper's current Player Card

File:Nuevo RJ.png

Rockhopper (also known as Captain Rockhopper or abbreviated as RH), is a friendly pirate and a sailor who regularly sails to and from Club Penguin Island with his ship, The Migrator, accompanied by his adventurous Red Puffle, Yarr.

His ship is docked in its usual spot at the Beach when he is at Club Penguin, mostly during special parties and events. He brings rare clothing and furniture items every time he visits to give away or sell to players, brought over from Rockhopper Island and other places. During his time at the island, he makes use of his time by meeting players in-game, telling them stories of his recent adventures and engaging in group activities. From meeting him, players can earn the Rockhopper stamp, as well as the ability to add him to your Buddy List, and receive an autographed background by clicking on the "Box Icon" on his Player Card.

Rockhopper has remained a well-known famous character, having the longest history time-wise yet maintaining a publicized relation to aspects of Club Penguin because of his many contributions to Club Penguin, and because he maintains the current standing of having the most in-game sightings to date (hence his stamp being the only medium level character stamp).


Original idea

Rockhopper Early Sketch

An early concept sketch of Rockhopper

The idea of Rockhopper first came about when Pirate, a Club Penguin moderator, had first started working at Club Penguin. He suggested that Club Penguin should have a pirate, due to the team wanting to add something more exciting to the Lighthouse (which at the time was closed). Other staff members seemed to like this idea, and they soon began wondering what the pirate would look like. One of the first concepts for him was a parrot. During the process of figuring out what the pirate would look like, Lance Priebe (rsnail) walked by Pirate's desk, on which a figure of a pirate penguin he had sculpted stood. Lance then said "Why don't we make the pirate look like that?". The idea for Rockhopper's appearance was then finalized: he would be a red penguin with a black hat and a black beard.[1]




First appearance

Rockhopper first left Club Penguin Island on March 8, 2005, long before Club Penguin was officially formed. His reported last words before leaving were "Gangway, me mateys! The sea, she be callin' me".[2]

When he had finished building his ship, he started traveling and exploring outside of Club Penguin Island. During his adventure at sea, he found an island with "nary a soul" and a bounty of treasure, and named it Rockhopper Island. He later found Yarr out at sea on June 9, 2005, who was floating on a piece of wood alone.

A year after he began his adventure, he got lost and saw a faint light coming from a Lighthouse in the distance. Back then, little knew of him, and the sight of a ship coming to Club Penguin caused mystery. He then firstly came back to Club Penguin on October 13, 2006 and he was officially the first character in Club Penguin. He visited the Lighthouse, "won a few games of Sled Racing, had a bite to eat at the Pizza Parlor, and danced at the Night Club". When players met him, they could be gifted the Eyepatch from his Player Card.

Introducing Red Puffles to Club Penguin

Rockhopper&#039;s Red Puffle Christmas Gift

On November 10, 2006, Rockhopper had planned his "biggest import" to bring the Red Puffles which were inhabiting Rockhopper Island to Club Penguin, as "a Christmas present to anyone who wants to adopt one" (including non-members). He took them all aboard the Migrator and turned its lower deck into "a comfortable cozy den for any puffles wantin' to join the adventure". Rockhopper mentioned in his journal the following about the Red Puffles during their trip:

A band o' sprogs they be, but quick to listen and do as I say. Still, they like to get into me things now and again, but how can I hold against them? I'm pleased they be likin' the life of a pirate.

On Rockhopper's arrival on December 8, 2006, he introduced the Red Puffles to Club Penguin.[3]

The storm

It became apparent to Rockhopper that a winter storm was brewing. On December 19, 2006, Rockhopper decided to leave early "to stay ahead of the weather", making him miss out on the Christmas Party 2006. On December 27, 2006, the storm had caught his ship. Rockhopper described the storm as something he had "ne'er witnessed", with "such woeful winds whippin' waves with such sway."

Migrator tattered in February 2007 - Club Penguin Times

Issue #69 of The Penguin Times showing penguins in anticipation for Rockhopper's story about the damaged ship's mysteriously late arrival

The storm eventually caused some damage. The sails were "tattered and torn", the deck's floor had been "ripped up", "and the frame took a bit of a beating". The ship was bearing the damages, but was moving a lot slower. Rockhopper landed the ship on Rockhopper Island to make some "makeshift repairs". He couldn't do much about the sails, leaving the ship with a lack of propulsion to be able to make a speedy return. Penguins that spotted Rockhopper's ship from the Beacon Telescope could see the damaged ship, and were wondering what caused the damage, and why it took a month longer for Rockhopper to return (Rockhopper had originally planned to return in 1 month).[4]

On February 9, 2007, Rockhopper arrived at Club Penguin, just in time for the Festival of Snow. Construction workers helped repair Rockhopper's ship during the event.

Rockhopper and the Stowaway

Main article: Rockhopper and the Stowaway

As the Festival of Snow ended on February 16, 2007, a penguin named Bambadee snuck on Rockhopper's ship. Rockhopper later encountered him hiding behind "a rusty, oversized treasure chest". Bambadee explained himself, saying that he snuck onto his ship before Rockhopper left Club Penguin, only to leave quietly when Rockhopper was to land on an island. Rockhopper kept a stern look and told him that he had "half the mind" to take him back "without delay first thing in the morning".

On that night, "a wind whistled through the ship" and snuffed out his candle. He heard a howling noise and saw what appeared to be a white ghost saying, "If you go back now your ship is doomed. Carry on your adventure and find the buried treasure". It turned out that this "white ghost" was in fact Bambadee, when Rockhopper had spotted a colored bracelet on his flipper. Bambadee apologized, and said the he didn't "want to be around those penguins on Club Penguin anymore", having felt as an "outsider". Rockhopper responded saying that he is his friend, and convinced him to return to Club Penguin and have another go and making friends.

Rockhopper and the Stowaway - The Message in the Bottle

The "surprise" message in the bottle that Rockhopper dropped behind after dropping off Bambadee.

He sailed towards the island and made his turning point just away from the Dock before anyone could notice his sails on March 1, 2007, so that Bambadee could jump into the sea and swim his way there. Rockhopper also dropped a message in a bottle earlier into the sea, which showed contents on what would be in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway, which he was in the process of writing at the time. It was sighted in the Beacon Telescope, and it eventually reached the Beach for penguins to read.

On Rockhopper's next visit to Club Penguin several weeks later, Rockhopper heard from Bambadee that he had made friends. Rockhopper then published a book about this account, which became available to read at the book shelf in the Book Room on March 9, 2007.

Opening the Ship Hold

Rockhopper returned to Club Penguin on April 27, 2007, just in time for the Pirate Party (the first Club Penguin party he had attended). He opened the Ship Hold to all penguins, the new location of the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. This marked the first time penguins apart from Bambadee could visit below deck of The Migrator. In return, penguins celebrated the Pirate Party island-wide. Rockhopper felt pleased that he opened the Ship Hold, and mentioned in The Penguin Times the following:

Sink me! What a surprise! Argh, I could never expect a better bigger or more perfect welcome. Aye, seeing all me hearties dancin' the jig in the Hold during the party is a sight I'll never forget.

Founding the Fairs

Rockhopper placed some boxes inside the Lighthouse on September 2007 and didn't give any hint or clue of what was inside them. However, some penguins accidentally broke into one of the boxes and discovered that Rockhopper was preparing for a massive carnival called the "Fall Fair 2007". Strangely, when the party started, Rockhopper wasn't there. Rockhopper explained that his motive to leave early was for new adventures. He left a message for issue #101 of the Club Penguin Times saying:

I know I'm leaving just when the festivities start, but the open sea be waitin' fer me. I be hearing all about it when I be returnin'. What grand tales ye will have.

Rockhopper later returned in November 2007, and had an extended stay with penguins on the island.

Save The Migrator Project

Main article: Save The Migrator Project

On January 13, 2008, Rockhopper's puffle, Yarr, caught sight of an iceberg during Rockhopper and Yarr's return trip to Club Penguin. Rockhopper described it as a "tiny iceberg", and hoped that the iceberg wouldn't come towards the ship. On January 17, 2008, the iceberg had collided with the ship. Rockhopper and Yarr safely evacuated on a rowboat. However, the Migrator was hit on its side, causing holes in the frame for water to cave in and sink the ship gradually. Rockhopper arrived back to Club Penguin at the Beach on January 23, 2008. The Club Penguin Times interviewed him when he arrived. Rockhopper said the following:

Arrr, it be a sorry tale, I fear. I was down in the Hold, arranging me treasure, and Yarr was at the helm. We were keeping an eye on the iceberg, but it changed course without warning. By the time he saw it drift, it was too late. We ran into it and had to abandon ship.

Aye, I was afraid – it all happened too quickly to do anything but escape. Argh! I be thankful we're both alright! But it's true – all the treasure stored on me ship be lost under the waves. Even me journal be sunk!

On February 1, 2008, Rockhopper made his way home by rowboat "to find a solution for his loss".[5]

In response, players started rallying for Rockhopper by starting the Save the Migrator Project in his absence. Penguins used the Aqua Grabber, an invention designed by Gary to salvage parts of the ship. These were put together at the Beach and used to reconstruct the ship.
Rockhopper and Yarr seeing the signals

Rockhopper and Yarr seeing the firework signals from the Flare Flinger 3000

By April 10, 2008, the Migrator was fully restored, upgraded with the Snow Cannon 3000 to be used to destroy incoming icebergs. The Flare Flinger 3000 was used to signal Rockhopper back to the island. When Rockhopper came back, he was surprised and in good spirits to see that penguins worked together to rebuild the ship for him. After celebrating at the arrival party, Rockhopper decided to end and leave his journal at the Book Room for penguins to read, and hide the keys to his quarters for penguins to use to unlock the door to his own quarters, all as a thanks for rebuilding The Migrator. With Rockhopper's spirits lifted and his gratitude to the penguins, he departed Club Penguin with a restored ship, en route to new adventures, and pledged not to collide into an iceberg again.

October - December 2008 Events

3rd Anniversary Party

Rockhopper stayed at Club Penguin to attend the 3rd Anniversary Party for a few days for the occasion. He brought the cannon that was used at the Town Center for the party, and met with penguins to celebrate 3 years of Club Penguin.

Christmas Party 2008

At the Christmas Party 2008, not only did he come to celebrate the festivities with penguins and donate to Coins For Change, but he introduced the "candy version" of Treasure Hunt at the Captain's Quarters. Penguins could play the game to earn coins, and donate their coins for Coins For Change Donation Station in the Quarters.

Rockhopper's new book, Christmas on Rockhopper Island, was published to the Book Room, depicting his improvement in the sense of giving and his discovery of other red puffles on Rockhopper Island.

2009 Events

After the Puffle Party 2009

Rockhopper visited Club Penguin after the Puffle Party 2009. This marked the first time that he walked with Yarr. Prior to that, Yarr would stay at The Migrator's Crow's Nest.

Walt Disney World Resort appearance

In April 2009, Disney announced on the What's New Blog that Rockhopper would make an in-person appearance at Walt Disney World's Resort (in Orlando, Florida) between April 30 and May 13. He gave a new background with a light blue penguin in it. He appeared with a light blue penguin there. The penguin was theorized to be Bambadee without his Friendship Bracelet.

The bountiful plants
Rockhopper Background - Prior to the Adventure Party 2009

Rockhopper and Yarr on their exclusive background for the party, featuring their ship abundant with nature.

On May 21, 2009, penguins sighted from the telescope a Migrator ship full of plants, almost overflowing that it looked "really full". Rockhopper set ashore on May 28, 2009. He was met with and interviewed by a reporter from the Club Penguin Times.[6] And he told him why he brought the plants:

Avast! They remind me of home. But they be growin' too fast and 'tis hard to dance a jig on deck!

Many penguins felt amazed at the plants Rockhopper brought, and were happy to lessen the load of the plants.[7] This led to the spread of Rockhopper's plants to the island[8] and ultimately caused the Adventure Party 2009 to form. Rockhopper left before the party started, but was happy that his plants were put to use.

The Fair 2009

Rockhopper's ship was spotted in the telescope on August 27, 2009 with a huge amount of supplies. On September 4, 2009, Rockhopper arrived at Club Penguin to celebrate The Fair 2009, the first Fair he got to attend after founding The Fair in 2007. He organized and set up the Great Puffle Circus, a members-only room for the party, and hired some puffle trainers for it.

Holiday Party 2009
Rockhopper donating to Coins For Change - December 2009

Rockhopper donating to Coins For Change

Rockhopper returned to Club Penguin with a decorated ship to celebrate Holiday Party 2009 and promote participation in Coins For Change. He arrived a week early but organized a lot of ideas for sharing his time on his notice board. When the party started, he said the following in issue #218 of the Club Penguin Times about the event to Aunt Arctic:

ARR! Let me tell you lass – this whole island is covered in geniuses! Avast! Everyone I meet's got a great idea how to share me time! We're going to go strong until the party's done! You should join us!

By this, he inspired Aunt Arctic to "join in" for the last half of the party.[9] Not only that, but he sold the Coins For Change Donation Station in the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog, which could be used for donating to Coins For Change in igloos for the first time. He was also a judge for the "Deck The Halls Igloo Contest" along with Aunt Arctic for the Club Penguin Times during his stay.

2010 Events

Yarr Missing

Rockhopper returned to Club Penguin on March 2010 and announced that his favorite red puffle and "trusty first mate", Yarr, was missing. In issue #229 of the Club Penguin Times, Rockhopper was reported to have said the following:

Avast! I be not worried. That pirate puffle ran off as soon as we arrived. Arr! It be like the greatest hide-and-seek game ever!

During his visit, if a player found Rockhopper, he would take them on an adventure to find his puffle. After searching for Yarr for a while, Yarr was found in the Cave Mine where the rockslide at the Mine was concealing him.[10] This led to the reopening of the Cave Mine, the Hidden Lake and the Underwater Room, and the release of the game Puffle Rescue to save other puffles.

Island Adventure Party 2010

In June, penguins were setting up another Adventure Party, and were persistent in calling Rockhopper by signalling him using flares so that he could enjoy the party. Rockhopper noticed the flares and returned to Club Penguin when the Island Adventure Party 2010 was already midway through, and celebrated the adventures during the party.

The Fair 2010

Rockhopper arrived to Club Penguin when The Fair 2010 started. He delivered the last set of the decorations for the party on his ship. He also had a new background that players could receive if they met him. The party marked the first time penguins could get the Rockhopper stamp.

Holiday Party 2010
Rockhopper supporting Coins For Change - December 2010

Rockhopper donating his coins for Coins For Change in December 2010

When Rockhopper was still on his way to Club Penguin a week before the Holiday Party 2010, he somehow placed some donation tubes in a box at the Beach and left a note saying, "I be leavin' these tubes with ye! Me and Yarr be visitin' soon for Coins For Change!". It was unknown how the tubes got there. But it was found out that they were to be used to make all the Coins For Change Donation Stations transfer the coins donated to fill up the Lighthouse.

Rockhopper arrived to Club Penguin on December 16, in time for the party, and supported the donation efforts and celebrated the holidays with penguins on the island. His aim was to fill the Lighthouse as he remarked that, "We not be stoppin' till the Lighthouse be burstin' with coins!" for Coins For Change to encourage donations and beat the previous year's record.[11]


Rockhopper Island

Cookie Island

Frozen Land

Swashbuckler Trading Post

Dinosaur Island

Shipwreck Island

Innocent Island

Polar Bear Island


Title Release date Description
The Journal of Captain Rockhopper October 13, 2006 A journal depicting Rockhopper's adventures from March 7, 2005 to April 28, 2008
Rockhopper and the Stowaway March 9, 2007 A book about the only stowaway of Rockhopper's ship, Bambadee.
Christmas on Rockhopper Island December 19, 2008 A book about how Rockhopper spent Christmas back in December 2005.


Rockhopper has appeared in some of the Club Penguin Animated Shorts series, with his most prominent role being in Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid.

Title Release date Role
Best Seat in the House March 27, 2012 Cameo/Extra
The Party Starts Now July 12, 2012 Cameo/Extra
Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid August 8, 2012 Main character
Anchors Aweigh September 5, 2012 Featured character


  • He's named after the Rockhopper penguin, known for their bushy eyebrows (a characteristic shared by Rockhopper himself).
  • His sketches of the ship's design which was initially to be used for rebuilding the Migrator (but was not used because of the penguins that restored the ship for him), served as the inspiration for igloo designers to create the Ship Igloo.
  • He owns an old camera that was gifted to him by Aunt Arctic on June 27, 2007, the only technological device known to have been used by him. It can be seen at the Captain's Quarters, and pictures taken from the camera can be seen in Rockhopper's Journal.
  • He has given out more backgrounds than any other character.
  • He has donated knickknacks and pictures for display in the Lighthouse.[12]
  • After the Puffle Party 2009, he was spotted with waddling around with Yarr for the first time. Previously Yarr would stay behind at the Crow's Nest.
  • He named his ship "The Migrator" when Aunt Arctic asked him where he was migrating to on his first departure.[13]
  • He is the character that has been meetable in-game the most times, hence the stamp you get for meeting him being a medium stamp. He has visited the island the most times during times when no party/event was occurring, too.
  • He and Sensei are the only penguins to have real eyebrows.
  • He and Aunt Arctic tie as the 3rd character that players could add to their Buddy List.
  • Sometimes he restocks on food/drinks when at Club Penguin. He's bought treats for Yarr at the Pet Shop in the past, and regularly restocks on Cream Soda. [source needed]
  • Rockhopper requested in the Club Penguin Times on September 18, 2008 for penguins to dress up and talk like pirates on the following day. This event is based on 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day', an event in the USA which has occurred every year on September 19 since 1996.


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