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Rockhopper trailing through the jungles of Rockhopper Island

Aliases Captain Rockhopper, RH
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Profession Captain of The Migrator,
Pirate adventurer
Meetable Character? Yes YesCheck
First in-game appearance October 13, 2006
(1st return to Club Penguin)

Did ye hear that? The winds be callin' me!
— Rockhopper
Rockhopper's Current Player Card - Thumbnail

Rockhopper's current Player Card

Rockhopper (also known as Captain Rockhopper or abbreviated as RH), is a friendly pirate and a sailor who regularly sails to and from Club Penguin Island with his ship, The Migrator, accompanied by his adventurous Red Puffle, Yarr.

His ship is docked in its usual spot at the Beach when he is at Club Penguin, mostly during special parties and events. He brings rare clothing and furniture items every time he visits to give away or sell to players, brought over from Rockhopper Island and other places. During his time at the island, he makes use of his time by meeting players in-game, telling them stories of his recent adventures and engaging in group activities. From meeting him, players can earn the Rockhopper stamp, as well as the ability to add him to your Buddy List, and receive an autographed background by clicking on the "Box Icon" on his Player Card.

Rockhopper has remained a well-known famous character, having the longest history time-wise yet maintaining a publicized relation to aspects of Club Penguin. His well-kept secret of his island's location, his journal available for reading from the Book Shelf, his significance for introducing the Red Puffles to Club Penguin, and his current standing of having the most in-game sightings to date (hence his stamp being the only medium level character stamp) all have contributed to his fame.


Original idea

Rockhopper Early Sketch

An early concept sketch of Rockhopper

The idea of Rockhopper first came about when Pirate, a Club Penguin moderator, had first started working at Club Penguin. He suggested that Club Penguin should have a pirate, due to the team wanting to add something more exciting to the Lighthouse (which at the time was closed). Other staff members seemed to like this idea, and they soon began wondering what the pirate would look like. One of the first concepts for him was a parrot. During the process of figuring out what the pirate would look like, Lance Priebe (rsnail) walked by Pirate's desk, on which a figure of a pirate penguin he had sculpted stood. Lance then said "Why don't we make the pirate look like that?". The idea for Rockhopper's appearance was then finalized: he would be a red penguin with a black hat and a black beard.[1]



First appearance

Rockhopper first left Club Penguin Island on March 8, 2005, long before Club Penguin was officially formed. He had finished building his ship, and started traveling and exploring outside of Club Penguin Island. During his adventure at sea, he found an island with "nary a soul" with lots of treasure, and named it Rockhopper Island. He later found Yarr out at sea, who was floating on a piece of wood alone.[2]

A year after he began his adventure, he got lost and saw a faint light coming from a Lighthouse in the distance. He then firstly came back to Club Penguin on October 13, 2006 and he was officially the first mascot in Club Penguin. He played some games, visited the Lighthouse, and danced at the Night Club.[2] When players met him, they could be gifted the Eyepatch from his Player Card.


Rockhopper Island

Cookie Island

Frozen Land

Swashbuckler Trading Post

Dinosaur Island

Shipwreck Island

Innocent Island

Polar Bear Island


Title Release date Description
The Journal of Captain Rockhopper October 13, 2006 A journal depicting Rockhopper's adventures from March 7, 2005 to April 28, 2008
Rockhopper and the Stowaway March 9, 2007 A book about the only stowaway of Rockhopper's ship, Bambadee.


Title Release date Role
Best Seat in the House March 27, 2012 Cameo/Extra
Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid August 8, 2012 Main character


  • He's named after the Rockhopper penguin, known for their bushy eyebrows (a characteristic shared by Rockhopper himself).
  • He owns an old-model camera that was gifted to him by Aunt Arctic, one of the only technological device(s) known to have been used by him. It can be seen at the Captain's Quarters.
  • He has given out more backgrounds than any other character.
  • He is the character that has been meetable in-game the most times, hence the stamp you get for meeting him being a medium stamp.
  • He and Aunt Arctic tie as the 3rd character that players could add to their Buddy List.


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