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Name you may call me DO NOT CALL ME BY THESE NAMES
Chunky Chucky
C H U N K Y Chuck
Chunk Chuck Norris
Chunkers Kitkat
Chunksters Chuckster

Cymru am byth!
— C H U N K Y
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Hi! I am C H U N K Y, a chat mod, patroller and rollback on this wiki
About C H U N K Y...

C H U N K Y has once been the Penguin of the Month! Cheers for them!

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Heyo There fellow wikian! I am C H U N K Y, a patroller, rollback and chat moderator here!
I am POTM! Woot!
I reached 3,000 edits! Woot! 3000edits

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Hello There! I am C H U N K Y! I am a patroller, rollback and chat moderator on the Club Penguin Wiki and founder of the Club Penguin Pookie Wiki. You may call me Chunky, Chunk, Chunkers or.. whatever you want! I will be happy to help! I am also staff on the M&F family wikis!

If you ever need to contact me, the quickest ways for an answer are to contact me through My CPW talk page or by Emailing me. I should hopefully be able to contact you within 2 hours of you posting it. Thanks!


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3 words: I am awesome :D
— C H U N K Y

Heyo! It's like yo and hey put together!
— C H U N K Y

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Welcome to my userpage! I have now changed it into tabs, so it is easier to navigate! Have Fun!

C H U N K Y's current player card

  • "C to the H to the U to the N (breath) to the K to the Y!"
  • "Keep calm and be Villainous!"
  • "Klutzy? He's such a wuss! Not as villainous as me at all!"

Klutzy 2 C H U N K Y Has completed C H U N K Y ' S Training and is now officially a villainous crab!
C H U N K Y is Catholic.
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Penguin's Name C H U N K Y
Favorites Crab Costume
Member? Yes
First Pin Sleeping Bag Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Gary the Gadget Guy, Cadence, Rocky, CeCe, Rookie.
Date Joined Wiki May 30th 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin Jan 2012
Admin? No

Party pC H U N K Y Villainous Crabs Rule!!Party p
Chunky! Klutzy Poo
Talpiau Mae'r anifeiliaid cramennogI am the best


Server: Zipline

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C H U N K Y (talk · blog · contribs · editcount · block · logs · block log · rights log)

I am currently A Rollback, patroller and chatmod on this wiki.I hope to be admin sometime in the future!

Me Chunky Me

My penguin in his party outfit.

My penguin is called C H U N K Y. You may of been wondering why I thought of "Chunky". Well, the first puffle plush I ever got (Before I joined CP) looked a little fat and chubby, so, guess what? I called it chunky! That's how my penguin got da name:C H U N K Y! He is usually wearing his party outfit (Because he is always in the mood for a party) and he likes buying puffles then starving them for some reason. Anyways, that is my penguin!

I live in wales, United Kingdom. I don't speak much welsh, but I know a bit. In Autumn/Winter I am in the GMT time. In spring/summer I use BST.


Wales rules! We are good at rugby and speaking welsh... and other stuff :P

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My Friends are:

  • Artantic
  • Arsenal
  • Dororo
  • Jackninja5
  • Penguin-Pal
  • Llove
  • Wikiafrog
  • Fatewate
  • Rhysw
  • Fotty -He is awesome and kind!
  • Super Miron
  • TraGiggles
  • Apj

If I missed you off please tell me via Talk, Chat or Email.

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Thanks to Hey.youcp

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  • Congratulations to Shurow for becoming the newest admin!
  • Soon Anons will not be able to edit. This is an act to try to lessen COPPA.



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The END (Of my page)! I hope you enjoyed looking and learning!


  • Me and apj as raspberries
  • Me, fotty and apj fighting for the snowmen team
  • Me, Happy65, P-P and rogerooroo
  • Me and P-P
  • Me and Pingutux123 (apj sneaked into it too)

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