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Last updated: 13:17, October 4, 2012 (UTC)
I will logon to Wikia less. If you want to contact me please click here I would receive your email shortly.
Thank you.

PST Clear 1:23 Friday

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More Information about me

My Website: You can view my Website here. You can also play CP. My Blog: You can view my Blog here. You can play games and more!

— Cap123

Contact me You can contact me by clicking here. I would be happy to create a sub page template for you. Request in chat when I'm online or you can request here. You can see template's done by me already: Rhysw2002 Sub and Ravenchamp Sub

About me

I play on Mario kart7 and I have a three star ranking. I am on youtube I have my own domain names and I am designing my own websites like Chat zones. I know HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS and ASP and I am fascinated about how computers work and I have my own web server.

My signatures

Cap123 (Talk)


To long:
Cap1232 (Talk)

Didn't work on Monobook:

Cap123 (Talk) Wikia Robot

New signature (Might use):
<insert name here>

More signatures coming soon!

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