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My penguin, Woow50000

About me

I am Woow50000 (Woo-fif-tee-th-ow-sand) on Club Penguin, but some people name me Woow. I make Youtube videos alot. Woow is my main while my alt is xxepic1337xx, who is called Epic1337 or Epic.

About my Penguin

Woow50000 is a penguin used in alot of videos. Some videos are Diving Contest (Part 1) by Eaglefan246 (Oscar One) and Trapped in an Elevator (Part 1) and (Part 2) by Cardude2001 (me). Woow gets alot of freind requests and often is in a party.

A Few of my Videos


Why Skydoesminecraft Doesn't Play Club Penguin-0


Club Penguin Meets Roblox (Part 1)


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