Casto P. Nyane

aka Kotnana

  • I live in Cairo
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is a student.
  • I am Male

Hello, My friend and welcome to my page.

Lord Castophimus

The Lord in all his glory.

Full Name The Blessed Lord Castophimus Percivus Nyanies Katze XLIX
Species Third Penguin/Third Human/Third Dragon
Position The Illustrious Leader Supreme of Batbat City
Appeared Every Party since Sep. 2009.
Color Gray
Clothes Items Sensei's Epic Robes, Sensei's Beard, Sensei's Hat.
Related To Casto P. Nyanies L (son) Goldon (Dragon part)
Friends With Everyone in This wiki
Meetable Character? Yes but sometimes no.

About me

I'm Lord Castophimus Percivcus Nyanies Katze XLIX. The friendly ruler of Batbat City. But also i may be an Evil disaster when i want. I like Kirby games and i like to be friendly with my subjects. .

About my Penguin

This is Midotheking1 a penguin who wanders in cp!


ORANGEpuff This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!

Ma Epique Friendz

1-Fottymaddy (friendly) 2-Apj26. Super funny admin. 3-Jackninja. cool one!. 4-samantas5855. Friendly! 5-Angryjack. Cool! 6-Penguin Pal. Friendly. 7-Shadow or Kai . My favorite one on the wiki! 8-TraGiggles. Funny user. 9-Shurow. Cool admin. 10-Hey.youcp. Cool user! 11-All other admins 12-CHUNKY. Coolest. 13-Artantic. Funny user. 14- The Lord of the rings! Coolest 2. 15-EVERYONE!!

More Friends from CP

1-Saraapril 2-Trainman1405 3-Thinknoodl6 4-Sarona5192 5-200+ more

My Penguins

1-Midotheking1 (main penguin) 2-Midotheking3 and Midotheking5 (spare and test acc.) 3-Naryjohns1 (my sister's used to troll PNK's. GO OK!)

Gallery of epic memories

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