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Club Penguin

Sys Gary Chill57181 is a fan of Gary.

Green Puffle Chill57181 loves puffles.

Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! Chill57181 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!

Penguin Band Background photo Woo! How rocking! Chill57181 has seen the Penguin Band!

Gary New Style Chill57181 has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!

Ninja in-game Chill57181 is a ninja!

The Sensei master Chill57181 beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!

Blue Pennant full award This user is from the Blue Team!

24-plus EN Guess what? Chill57181 is a Level 5 Member on Club Penguin! Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah!

This user's best friend on the Club Penguin Wiki is Cp kid.

This user's best friend on the Club Penguin Wiki is Awesome335.

This user's best friend on the Club Penguin Wiki is Cooldude254.

EPF Logo
Chill57181 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!

Mod Badge Chill57181 has met at least one Club Penguin Moderator!

Rockhopper real penguin new Chill57181 has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!

Cadence2013 Chill57181 has seen Cadence! Dance 'til you drop!

RookieHawaiianShirt Chill57181 has seen Rookie!

Aqua Chill57181's Penguin Color is Aqua

NAME Chill57181's penguin is called Chill57181.

OTHER This user's other penguin is called Chilly8791.

Club Penguin Wiki

Anti quitters sociaty!
This user is a member of the Anti-Quitters Society!

QUIZ This user completed the Sith Cub Quiz.


I, Chill57181, voted for Sith Cub to become a Sysop!

1,534 This user has made 1,534 edits on this Wiki.

ShieldPin Chill57181 likes defending the wiki against Vandals!

Eatme Vandals, BEWARE! This user will eat you alive. Literally..

Real Life

USFlag This user is American.

! Chill57181's mood is pretty good.

Male Chill57181 is male.

Tissue This User has Allergies

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