aka Mrpenguin887

  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Coming Back To Club Penguin Wiki!
Let's dance in the Dance Club and party all day!
— Mrpenguin887
Let's go save Club Penguin!
— Mrpenguin887


About my Penguin (Old)

"I play Club Penguin of course and my penguin (that usually wears some Elite Penguin Force uniforms) is named Mrpenguin887. Though I have a big like of pookies. Also I am awesome pizza parlor employee since the customers do pretty order fast and say what kind of pizza they want. :T I I am a excellent agent but some the other agents will listen to what I say (actually all the time.) Though, I am actually really sensitive.(AKA) Agent Penguin887. I allow you to make custom penguins for me, but it has to involve with Club Penguin, nothing that doesn't involve with CP!"



  • (AKA Agent Name) Agent Penguin887.
  • Has a big dislike with Herbert P. Bear, Protobot, Test Robots, Destructobot and other evil peps.
  • Is EPF agent.
  • Has a kind heart.
  • Has lots of EPF gear and has Flare.
  • Friends with Jet pack guy, Dot and rookie and the director (even I didn't meet them).
  • Is brave.
  • Has friends that are EPF agents.
  • Someone thought I worked for Herbert but proven false later on.
  • Met Aunt Arctic and thought she was the director.

My Puffles (Old)

  • Yellow Puffle = Vinny and CEC (CEC was named from Chuck E. Cheese's and Vinny is named from my friend Vinny again!)
  • Pink Puffle = ???
  • Orange Puffle = None
  • Blue Puffle = Cool (My friend named it, lolol)
  • Brown Puffle = Hashbrown (Reference to my breakfest) *Green Puffle=Goofy Goober (Because its funny and flies alot) *Pink Puffle = Lillyice (One of the pookies names I had) *Black Puffle= Dubstep (Got it from the real Dubstep)
  • Sparkly! Rainbow Puffle Info Unknown
  • Infinite amounts of my puffles!

My contributions

I am back on the Club Penguin Wiki!

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