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Allpufflespecies.png This user is a Puffle Lover!
Spaghetti.gif Clubpenguin Helper joined the Massively Merry Aliens! They will dance in the most extra-terrestrial way possible!
EPF Logo.png Clubpenguin Helper is a top agent of the EPF.
This user's member penguin is called Oblivion53
Membership Badge.PNG Clubpenguin Helper is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!

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This user knows Ben 10022!
Sad Emoticon.png Clubpenguin Helper is against the Massively Merry Aliens, and thinks dancing should be outlawed.
MAZE This user completed the Sith Cub Maze while it existed.
QUIZ This user completed the Sith Cub Quiz.
EPF Logo.png
Clubpenguin Helper is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
SOMLOMLYPLEDGE.png Clubpenguin Helper states that they will never stop editing the wiki!
Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! Clubpenguin Helper is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
PWNed! Clubpenguin Helper beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!
Denno Senshi Mystery.JPG
This user survived an encounter with Denno Senshi.
Smile spin.gif This user has autism

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In the oblivion23 shop the creator has infinite cash

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User:Clubpenguin Helper/Diary of Ultima the puffle!

Dancing penguin maybe.PNG This User has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivit-- Hey look! A ninja!

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