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05:26, November 23, 2012 (UTC)(UTC)

About my Penguin

Commander Bsyew
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Behold My EPF stealth Suit! Enter If you Dare.
Penguin's Name Gsantos52012
Favorites Clubpenguin, EPF, Jet Pack Guy.
Member? Yes!
First Pin Bonsai Tree Pin (Im not that rare in Club Penguin But has a major knowledge of the history)
Famous Penguins Met All Mascots!
Date Joined Wiki March 13 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin September 2010
Admin? Nope. Just a Chat Moderator and Patrollor.
Commander Bsyew Got it memorized ARTS

Hello <insert name here>! I am Commander Bsyew and i am a Patroller and councilor on the wiki. You can mainly find me in the chat. Any questions about me can be sent to my talk page! Some of my hobbies in mainly creating music and blogging. Thanks!

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Hello i am Bsyew! This is my new Userpage! Feel free to contact me!.
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