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About Cool Pixels...

Cool Pixels has once been the Penguin of the Month! Cheers for them!

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Welcome to my user-page <insert name here> and make sure that you read everything in this page. Here you can read about me, have my fan background, get pranked, Secret Pages, Get Free Memberships, read my new stories, Check out the custom penguins I made and many more. Please DO NOT copy anything from my user-page with my permission, If you want it please ask me, then I will surely give it to you. Please note if you get it to my prank page, don't post anything rude.

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7119 icon.png About Me

Hey there <insert name here>, welcome to my profile! And it's your friend Cool Pixels.

Cool Pixels is my username in Club Penguin. And I also have 2 other penguins Pingu62237 and Thinkfood. And I think Club Penguin is the best game ever!

I am a great fan of Thinknoodles and Penguin Band. I have my very own Band. I am a Club Penguin Blogger but not that famous. I play Poptropica and completed all the islands. I like making graphics but I don't have time to make.

I made a club called Club Moose[1] In this club,we talk about fun stuff and tips on Club Penguin. Just like any other club. We are fans of Businesmoose. So we act like him, conduct meetings for fun and dance! Club Moose Members will help you if you need any help.Latest Club Penguin Cheats and News can also be posted Here. Our Hangout Server: Oyster.

And I also got Published in Club Penguin Times 2 Times [2] [3]. First time I got a postcard but second time I didn't get a postcard.

I also made a Comedy Series called Noodle On [4].Noodle On is a comedy series like Waddle On which will be created and acted by the members of Club Penguin Insiders(CPI).. But Noodle On is totally different. Its must be more funnier, If you want you can tell your new ideas. We will Upload videos to Youtube and post it in CPI. All of you can act in it, I hope Noodle On Can be successful. See you soon. (CANCELLED)

Click Here to get free Club Penguin Membership. This contest is available only to Club Penguin Wiki.You can get 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and finally the mega prize 12 Months Membership!

Getting Bored? Want to play a Game? Then Click Here to play an exiting mission made by me and you will also get an exiting prize with this exiting mission.

Keep on editing this wiki. And thanks for visiting my profile. Visit again soon.

Waddle On!

Question Mark Emoticon.PNG Did You Know?

  • Did You Know that Cool Pixels became a Penguin Of The Month in Club Penguin Wiki?.
  • Did You Know that Cool Pixels makes free customs for everyone?
  • Did You Know that Cool Pixels actually used this wikia after 8 months after he created this account?
  • Did You Know that Cool Pixels posts Latest Club Penguin Updates in this wiki Here.

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Here are the images of all my three Penguins in Club Penguin:

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Cool Pixels Pingu62237 Thinkfood

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Cool Pixels
My Current Player Card
Username Cool Pixels
Favorites Bling-Bling Necklace, Penguin Band
Membership Status Expired
Position EPF Agent, Ninja, Blogger, Graphics Designer
Stamps Earned 330 Stamps
Color Yellow
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Common Servers Yeti
Date Joined Wiki April 19, 2013
Mascots Met Most of them
Meetable Character? Yes
Admin No
Hello Penguin Friends Its me, your friend Cool Pixels. Thank you for visiting my profile. And you can have great fun in my profile by reading my Stories and playing Quizzes and Missions made by me.

Interview Background icon.png Fan Background

If you are a great fan of Cool Pixels you can have this Cool Pixels Giveaway. Simply add your penguin's player-card view cutout in an image editor software. Chick Here to see this background's previous version.

3rd Year Party Hat.PNG Important Events

  • October 24- Club Penguin's Birthday
  • September 22- Cool Pixel's Birthday
  • December 25- Christmas Day
  • January 1- New Year Day

CarbCostume.PNG To Do List

  • Make my 10000th edit
  • Make new friends
  • Wish everyone in important days
  • Pixel Awards 2015
  • Back to custom making (April 2015)

A Friend emotacon thingy.PNG Friends

Cool Pixels custom.png
Cool Pixels custom beak.png

Black Penguin with Yellow Scarf 2005.pngAbout My Penguin

Cool Pixels.png

Cool Pixels is an account gifted to me by my cousin and is currently a member (Now Expired) in Club Penguin and likes puffles and playing mini games in club penguin, I am an EPF agent and Tour Guide in Club Penguin. My Penguin's most common costumes are The Sweep, Aviator Sunglasses, Purple Rugby Scarf, Yellow Bass Guitar or Green MP3000, Neon Grid Jacket and Black Dress Shoes. The first pin i ever got in club penguin is Rockhopper's Key. My penguin got posted in Club Penguin Times 2 times. Me and my penguin likes to enter empty servers, most commonly Yeti. Cool Pixels most favorite mini game is Catchin' Waves and collected many coins and stamps playing this game. He currently has 330 stamps. He likes meeting his friends and partying with them in CP, he also likes meeting famous penguins and moderators. Cool Pixels hates CP takeover parties except Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. My penguin also likes making new friends in Club Penguin. Cool Pixels's most favorite mascot is Franky from The Penguin Band. Click Here to know more about Cool Pixels.

VideoCamera.png Videos I am in

I appeared in Thinknoodles's meeting day called Think Thursday. The first time i appeared was in May 2nd 2013 and second time i appeared in May 1st 2014. In May 1st 2014, I appeared in 37:28 and in May 2nd 2013, I appeared in 13:58 of the video.

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2022 Updated Pin Tracker
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Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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Beta Hat Box.png Current Party

This Template is made by Cool Pixels and is for Public Use, Just add the code {{Cool Pixels Party Ad}} to the page you want it, Penguin-Pal helped me in the coding of this Template. Please Note that this Template Image will be updated during every party or event in Club Penguin.

Treasure Book icon.png Subpages

I made some sub-pages, only the important ones are listed below, It includes Cool Pixels's main Wiki pages, My Club Penguin Avatars, Club Penguin Player Card Tracker, My Graphics, My Puffles, Club Penguin Free Membership Giveaways, Wiki Prank Page, Club Penguin Missions, My Custom Items, My Stories, Custom Parties and many more.

Portal History.png Wiki History DesigningPencil.svg Editcount
I joined Club Penguin Wiki on APRIL 19, 2013 and was very active and now I currently have Special:Editcount/Cool Pixels