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Male.svg Coolpengu67 is male.
-5 (EST) This user is 5 hours behind UTC and goes by USA Eastern time.
USFlag.png This user is American.
Cadence2013.png Coolpengu67 has seen Cadence! Dance 'til you drop!
Penguin-eating-popcorn.png This user loves popcorn!
McPenguin.png This user is a fan of McPenguins
Banned.PNG This user was banned on Club Penguin.
GrapeTribe.png Coolpengu67 was a member of the Grape Tribe during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.
WatermelonTribe.png Coolpengu67 was a member of the Watermelon Tribe during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.
Penguin Band Background photo.png Woo! How rocking! Coolpengu67 has seen the Penguin Band!
Aqua Coolpengu67's Penguin Color is Aqua
Non-Member.png This user is currently a Non-Member on Club Penguin
Club Penguin.jpg Coolpengu67 plays Club Penguin!
WIKI Coolpengu67 has founded a wiki!
I, Coolpengu67 promise to never make sockpuppets.
Marshmallows.jpg This user loves scary stories!
GoogleG.png Coolpengu67 uses Google for their search engine.
Sys Gary.png Coolpengu67 is a fan of Gary.
Google Chrome Logo.png Coolpengu67 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser.
Banned.PNG Coolpengu67 has been banned on Club Penguin, but they have been unbanned.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue.png Coolpengu67 has a blue puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red.png Coolpengu67 has a Red Puffle.
Recyclepin.png This user is Eco-Friendly!


Coolpengu67 is an old penguin.
LavaMask.png Coolpengu67 has the Lava Mask
Aunt Arctic is an agent!!!.png Coolpengu67 proved that Aunt Arctic is an EPF agent!!! BEHOLD!
Puffles Infobox.png Coolpengu67 did the mission, Herbert's Revenge (by JW). Good work agent.
Orange puffle trampoline and puffles.jpg Coolpengu67 completed the other part of the mission, Herbert's Revenge (by JW). Spectacular job, Coolpengu67.

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