aka Joey48394

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is School Student
  • I am Male
You Only Live Once, That's The Motto ;)

About Me

I started playing Club Penguin in Dec.2008. I played for 1-2 years as a member but then took a long absence from Club Penguin. I actually used to come onto this wiki and edit. My previous account was called Joey48394. Joey48394 is my penguins name. I had 800 edits on that account until I forgot my password. That is how I ended up making this profile. Any ways I have two puffles, 1 red named Gilligan and 1 black named Skater. I usually go onto the Snow Drift server. Only because I don't like to be around alot of people. I am pretty shy!!! Well I have over 250,000 coins!! I have 102 stamps, yeah I know. That's now alot but that is because I wasn't playing for a while. My first pin was the Gingerbread Man Pin. My favorite room is The Hidden Lake. My favorite Party is the Fall Fair, They are soo much fun. My favorite game is Puffle Launch. I used to be a member and I loved it but currently I am not a member :(.

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Danny22 is female.
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