aka jojo

  • I live in brazil
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is feeling tired
  • I am afraid

"I like pigs...."

Hi,This is My page, (Text by Shadow The Hedgehog) SO DON'TOUCH ANYTHING!'


Thats me!

Deco Souza Ehmargad Donstahpminaw Moraes Rodrigues

Hello, my name is Deco Souza and i am a brazillian kid who likes technology.

About my Penguin

Next text is from my penguin:Why hello there! as you noticed my name is Deco Souza,and i am a penguin who wears these items:Striped Skater Shirt,Red Untied Sneakers,Cumberband Hat,Pendant Necklace and Delta Glasses.

Some facts

  • I like pizza
  • You wasted 3 seconds reading this
  • My Puffles are:White:Floci,Black:Flare,Pink:Rose,Red:Kick,Brown:Lock,Yellow:Pock,Green:Pick,Blue:Azzulado and Artoo Detoo,Orange:Dent,Abôbi,Purple:Dan,Rainbow:Arcoir,Rainbow(Thats her name),Dude,Funky and Sparks,Butter!:Budder
  • I herd i like Angry Birds
  • I like Butter
  • I like Dubstep and Rock
  • i like trains.....(Train passes by)
  • The fox says "Copy Club Penguin".THE QUESTION HAS BEEN ANSWERED
  • How many users of this wiki are from Portugal?I wanna know!(Ora pois!)

Stuff about me here

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