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Herbert 6
Herbert 8

Even though this photo isn't mine,I remember meeting herbert here.

About me

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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
Yearbook 2008-2009 snapshot
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About my Penguin

I am fourteen years old and like baseball.I live in southern California.I am in los coches creek middle penguin is coolkid20233.Almost into high school.I accept any friend requests!Yes,any.

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Full Name EPF ninga Coolkid20233
Species  ?
Position Epf agent,ninga,water ninga, and fire ninga
Appeared In Club Penguin Island
Color Aqua,and lime green
Clothes Items varies
Related To  ?
Friends With About 500 of 'em
Meetable Character? Yes


  • This is my 200th edit!
  • I have 12 puffles!
  • I joined in 2005 then sometime around 2009 i forgot my password and forgot about cp for a while then rejoined as Coolkid20233 in 2012
  • My original username is unknown but i have a backup account called clubpizza777

Pages I've created

   War Machine Helmet
   War Machine Armor
   Fruit Stomper stamp
   Fruit Splatter Stamp
   Nightclub Helmet
   Silver Centurian Helmet
   Heartbreaker Armor
   Heartbreaker Helmet
   Deflector Stamp
   Energizer Stamp
   Fruit Squeeze Stamp
   Sif Helmet
   Sif Armor
   Odin Helmet
   Odin Armor
   Iron Patriot Helmet
   Magma Power Gloves
   Purple Plush Couch
   Sword (disambiguation)                                                                     

Rookie,my fav mascot


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