Hello my Halloween Tale!== The Chamber Has Opened == Soccerblue1 looked out at a stormy night.He was reading a newspaper,and after that,he would trick or treat.He found red writing on a wall;THE CHAMBER HAS OPENED,BEWARE ALL PENGUINS!Since Soccerblue1 was an EPF,he warned the island to go home straight away.Socccerblue1 was going to find the chamber.== Wanderings With a Werewolf == Soccerblue1 went in the strange and spooky forest,He heard a growl.He looked behind.It was the howling winds rustling through the trees.Maybe that was not it.Maybe it was something else.He saw a head.Not a penguins head.It was only one thing.A werewolf that has only partially transformed..The werewolf attacked the penguin.Soccerblue1 was pounded.Then he harmed it with his pocket knife.It went away.Then,from nowhere,he felt claws,and he was knocked out.He woke up because of a smell.HE WAS GOING TO BE EATEN!!!!!He got a sword using a weird power he had,and sliced the rope.He did a final strike,and the werewolf was wounded.He escaped the camp,and ran away as the fire burned up the camp.== The Creepy Mansion == COMING SOON!

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