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About Me

My name is Disc Jockey, A.K.A. DJ. I live in The United States of America, I was born on April 3rd, my occupation is learning as a student, and I am female.

I first joined Club Penguin in December 2005, during Holiday Party 2005. My first penguin account was Ab900, a rare penguin.

I first joined the Club Penguin Wiki on June 12th, 2013.

About My Penguins

I have many penguin accounts, so I will list facts and biographies about them here.


Ab900 is my oldest and first penguin, falling in the 'rare' category.

  • Ab900 was registered in December 2005.
  • Ab900 is rare.
  • Ab900 has the Blue Lei.
  • Ab900 is a White Belt.
  • Ab900 is an EPF Agent.


Blublu958 is my second penguin, not rare- but old.

  • Blublu958 is currently a non-member.
  • Blublu958 is a White Belt.
  • Blublu958 is an EPF Agent.


Shinycandyx is my third penguin, but is only a test account for Blublu958.

  • Shinycandyx was used to test out items and other things for Blublu958.
  • Shinycandy is a Tour Guide.
  • Shinycandyx is an EPF Agent.


Sodasquirt was my fourth penguin, and the first penguin to be given a membership.

  • Sodasquirt was a 3-month member.
  • Sodasquirt is a Ninja.
  • Sodasquirt is an EPF Agent.
  • Sodasquirt has met Aunt Arctic.


Sherbertsoda was my fifth penguin, and had a 9-month membership.

  • Sherbertsoda is currently a member.
  • Sherbertsoda is a Ninja.
  • Sherbertsoda is an EPF Agent.


Cloverpoppop was my sixth penguin.

  • Cloverpoppop has met Rookie.
  • Cloverpoppop is a Ninja.
  • Cloverpoppop is an EPF Agent.

Golden Kirby

Golden Kirby was my seventh penguin.

  • Golden Kirby is an EPF Agent.
  • Golden Kirby is an Orange Belt.
  • Golden Kirby is currently a non-member.


Winter958 is my eighth penguin.

  • Winter958 was a 9-month member.
  • Winter958 is a Ninja.
  • Winter958 is an EPF Agent.


Tsukirino is my eighth penguin.

  • Tsukirino is an Orange Belt.
  • Tsukirino is an EPF Agent.
  • Tsukirino is currently a non-member.

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Disc Jockey is female.
-6 (CST) This user is 6 hours behind UTC and goes by USA Central time.

USFlag This user is American.

GameStick Disc Jockey's favorite video game (in real life) is Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.
RookieHawaiianShirt Disc Jockey has seen Rookie!
Aunt arctic 2013 Disc Jockey has seen Aunt Arctic!
NAME Disc Jockey's penguin is called Ab900, Sodasquirt, Sherbertsoda, Cloverpoppop, Winter958, or Golden Kirby.
ShieldPin Disc Jockey likes defending the wiki against Vandals!

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