My Penguin Victoriasosa in another costume. by DoomAnt

my penguin in other costume

Puffles make our life happy, and mwa mwa penguins ruin our life, so lets help those poor puffles at the Pet Shop!

My penguin: Victoriasosa

My penguin- Victoriasosa

This is my penguin I draw in paint. (Click to enlarge)


club penguin


My penguin color is purple

My favorite Parties are: Christmas Party, Puffle Party, Medieval Party, April Fools Party.
My penguin Victoriasosa playercard

My penguin.

Buttonz1-By DoomAnt

This Penguin is my Best friend on club penguin her name is Buttonz1, rarely she dissapear from my buddy list, is really sad, if someone knows her please said me, this drawing is how I remember her, (click to enlarge)

Santa hat for club penguin wikia

The christmas hat, my favorite head item


NAME DoomAnt's penguin is called victoriasosa.

Membership Badge DoomAnt is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!

Purple DoomAnt's Penguin Color is Purple

=) DoomAnt's best friend is Buttonz1(On CP)!

Green Puffle DoomAnt loves puffles.

Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! DoomAnt is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!

2009 This user voted for Aqua in the 2009 Color Vote!
My igLOO VIctoria Sosa(DoomAnt)

My igloo. Click to enlarge!

Blue Pennant full award This user is from the Blue Team!

DoomAnt is female.

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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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Sad Emoticon DoomAnt is against the Massively Merry Aliens, and thinks dancing should be outlawed.

Ok I really hate them, they are annoying! Poor puffles! THE PET SHOP IS FOR PUFFLES, people! THINK!

This is real.

Warning-gray System report:
My Blue Puffle is awesome. For real.

SOMLOMLYPLEDGE DoomAnt states that they will never stop editing the wiki!

My first puffle of Club Penguin NEVER run away, my puffles will NEVER run away, because I always feed them, and I am happy they are ok


Hal Homsar Solo award

This is an award that Hal Homsar Solo gave me!

Hal's friendship award

Hal's Friendship Award!!!


Awesome Award from Hal!

My favorite Wigs.

The Messiness

My favorite Boy Wig. The Messiness


My favorite girl wig. The Freestyle.


My second favorite girl wig. The Starlette

For real... This are the only wigs I like.
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