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Hi Guys, and welcome to Dps04's Mission Number One: Save the Puffles! Mission! This is my first choose your own adventure stories, which means that you are the main character in the story and it is up to YOU to choose what will you do and what will happen next! Before you proceed, please read the instructions carefully:

  1. Once you have decided what option to choose, you must not return to the previous option.
  2. There are 5 endings in total. Only one of them is a successful one!
  3. Good Luck

Story Introduction - First Episode:

Herbert P. Bear is back with more tricks in the sleeve! This time, he even tried to EAT cute puffles! Can you stop him? Good luck!

BLUEpuffle.png The cute puffles need your help! Click here to save them!

{{Mission 1 start}}

Click here to start!

Sign here before you proceed!


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