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B-19-at player card penguin cutout

My Picture(not my penguin though)

About me

Hello everybody, you might know Desteni4 on Club Penguin. He wears the Jam Cap, Blue Hockey Jersey, and he wears 2 Cool Glasses. He says he will never take off his Cap. But he`s so exited that he fell off his chair once about the Puffle Party 2013. He wants the Rainbow Puffle. He broke his leg 55 times so he is not speaking much. He is emmbaressed.

I Heart My Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt Custom

This will be owned by Dseteni4.(also known on club penguin Desteni4).

===About my Penguin===

Hello everybody, I`m Desteni4. I`m a Blue penguin on CP, I wear the Jam Cap, and the Blue Hockey Jersey. But I`m a boy. I`m super old, about the first penguin my master made. Even though this might be funny to some people, I have been banned once in my life. -Desteni4.

My favorite pages

Dseteni4 is female.
USFlag This user is American.

I will give a youtube vid for my favorite music!

My contributions

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