aka Eclipse

  • I live in an igloo on Club Penguin Island.

About Me

I have no idea why I still like Club Penguin, especially since the parties nowadays are lacklustre. Perhaps I find interests in the lore, characters and plots. Maybe I'm too attached to my childhood. Either way, I gotta stop playing Club Penguin before it crashes and burns.

About My Penguin

My penguin is a non-member, created during the Card-Jitsu Party 2011. I find it funny to dress up as the other gender, but usually my penguin looks ambiguous.

Forever stuck with too much money but nothing to buy.

My favourite pages

  • A lovable moron with the most shocking voice.
  • An agent who went from laid-back to stern, but still manages to be awesome.
  • The best party that ever happened.
  • I bought this from the store for five bucks.


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My contributions

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