Its me Ecpg the Exciting Club Penguin Game Maniac :P and welcome to my user page

About me

Treasure Book series 19 2 This User has successfully won Cool Pixels's Club Penguin Costume Contest which was held at the Club Penguin Wiki.
JW Greenie Ecpg completed JWPengie's first quiz!!!!
AntiCake This user has downloaded Ninja Penguin's Destroy Cake Download,and is SUPER happy!
Team-Sharks This User supports the blue team!
Rainbowp4 Ecpg is epic, awesome, and totally unique
Popcorn Pin This User likes popcorn
MUTakeoverScreenshot27 Ecpg passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #2
Award Show Ecpg passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #1
7th Anniversary Party Hat (7th Anniversary Party) Ecpg passed Historicalcp's 2012 Quiz Part #1!

I love

  • Club Penguin
  • Gravity Falls
  • Ketchup :P


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GFQW Win Ecpg has completed the Gravity Falls Quiz!

Review 2013

Prehistoric Party 6-10 Interactions 0-2 Quest 1-2 Music 2-2 Free Items 2-2

Hollywood Party 2013 6.75-10 Decoration-Party Rooms 1.75-2 Free Items 2-2 Quest 1-2 Music 1-2 Interactions 1-2 Puffle Party 2013 Decorations 0.75-1


CPNext Emoticon - Laughing Face Ecpg has fell for Jess0426's best trick ever!
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JWPengie Player Cards - Hollywood Party Ecpg is a friend of JWPengie! Awesome!
Joeypengie! Ecpg met JWPengie's penguin, Joeypengie on Club Penguin! Congratulations!
RP In-Game Sighting Ecpg has completed the Puffle Party 2013 Quiz!
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