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Penguin's Name Anuaredward
Favorites The Hornament Hat, Puffle Flame Hoodie, Puffle Trainers
Member? Yes 70px-24-plus EN.png
First Pin Rockhoppers key
Famous Penguins Met Cadence, Franky, G Billy, Stompin' Bob, Petey K, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Rocky, CeCe, Brady, McKenzie, Herbert P. Bear
Date Joined Wiki June 8, 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin June 18, 2011
Admin? No


2011 was my first year on CP with the penguin, Anuaredward. I really joined in 2007 but I forgot the password. Well since it was July, the annual Ultimite Jam rolls in. I joined right in the middle of the party. I didn't really know what to do, but I didn't need to know because I usally reach myself and thats what I did. I played intill I find the Mine Shack.I went in and got to the Hidden Lake. I read the note and asked for membership.I got one for 6 monthes. I kept playing earned strange rewards later revealed as stamps, and discovered. I became an agent, tour guide, and expert in no time. I became a ninja in mid-October and a Fire Ninja in November. A month passed intill the Holiday party rolled in. There I discovered the strange awards were stamps and Mascots waddled around the island. I even had to buy more membership. This time for a year...


Characters 11/12

Party 21/24

Activities 31/35

Games 232/267

Viedo Games 11/14

Player Cards

Here! Have this if you have met me on CP!

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My 2014 avatar.

Full Name Edyanuar
Position Editer
Appeared CP Wiki, Chat, and Club Penguin
Color Red
Clothes Items
Related To None
Friends With
Meetable Character? Yes

I am a user that has started editing since June 2013. It is easy to find me editing parties, anything that involves puffles, games, mascots, and rooms. It is rare to find me editing clothes.

The Club Penguin Wiki membership was awarded to Edyanuar on January 3, 3014.

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