aka Trash

  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Editor
  • I am Female

Hey! I'm EternallyFrozen13 AKA Elizabeth.

I'm a dork that loves chocolate, wolves, Club Penguin, Helsa/Iceburns (HansxElsa), Kristanna, ElphabaxFiyero, Elsa, Hans, and GoGo Tomago! I really like making userboxes, defying gravity, archery, laughing at things that aren't funny, making videos, roleplaying, drawing, and watching "The Twilight Zone". I'm also a Oncer (OUAT Fan). My dislikes include: guitars, character bashing, and clowns. I'm super duper shy and kind've reserved until you really get to know me. I am currently a member on Club Penguin. I also have four puffles: Mantequilla, Tracie, Kitty, and Elsa. As you can probably tell, I have named one of my puffles after the lovely snow queen. (◕‿◕✿)

My favorite movie is Frozen, I'm obsessed!! I'm also excited for BH6.


EternallyFrozen13 is female.
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