Hi there, welcome to my personal webpage. If you don't know already, I'm Fastjordan! This page will tell you everything about me! Enjoy.


Yes it's true, I do have a website. Visit for mroe Club Penguin Cheats, Secrets, Glitches, Hints, Tips, Help, Guides, Contests (membership, coin codes, etc.!) and much much more on Club Penguin!

Questions and Asnwers

Question: When did you start your Club Penguin Website? Asnwer: I started my website on August 21, 2008.

Question: When did you start playing Club Penguin? Asnwer: October 15, 2005.

Question: So this means you're a beta tester of Club Penguin? Asnwer: Yes, it's true - I am. Most ask why I keep this secret, and why I don't place the hat on anymore. The reason is quite simple. It's because betas are very rare today, and to place the hat in Club Penguin on a very quiet server, will automatically flood the server with penguins sending postcards and asking to be my buddy. It may be nice, but think for a moment - once you're famous, there's no getting out of it!

About me

I'm Fastjordan, from! It's quite a popular growing website, but I've come here to help out ClubPenguinWikia! Hope to see you in Club Penguin some time!

About my Penguin

I love waddling around the snow covered island, earning stamps, talking to buddies and other penguins, (helping them if needed) playing games and much more! Check out servers sleet, mammoth, frozen or my favorite server: fjord first before checking other servers if you want to find me! Any parties or recent locations of me will be posted on my website, so check that too!

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