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Sorry! The pictures I got from France need 2 more days to upload... Sorry! We are now on SHUTDOWN mode! I will count off 300 offical wiki edits! You will here me again from this page! Do not forget: I will be holding a contest very very soon. For now I can just tell you the title. "The Fury Awards." It will come in time! And I will holding a poll soon too. Lots to come!


  • Spread word about improved and stocked shop and HQ.
  • Upgrade page WAY more!
  • Find 20 more secret pages.

My BFF's

Herbart: For first welcoming me on Club Penguin *

Jupiter5: For being the second person to welcome me here, also a pro with secret pages!

MegaBen141: For first welcoming me on this wiki.

Gary the Gaget Dude: For be cool and finding being the first to talk to be on a France computer on the wiki!

Krazykitten: For being my friend in real life and on this wiki.

Wonderweez: Understanding and cool buddy.

Dionnefamily: For being a kind and impressive user.

K8lkgg: Because his photo has the :D face.

(NOTE: User's marked with a star mean hey are only one CP)((Wanna be my friend? Leave a request on my talk page)) (((Move up places on the buddy list and see if you can make it to the top!)))

Club Penguin 24/7 News

"How should I know I someone is too good for their shirt?- oh were back!" "Pictures of France shall be uploaded today shortly, and its time to make another announcement from Fawful!" "Hello user's and so far I have heard of the Ha Awards and other types of awards. Well today I would like to announce the Fury Awards! It takes place on August 23rd. Where I will open catagories, and judge who is the best at what! Check it the Fury Awards. page thats all for now. Oh and I wonder what would happen if there was a party in the U.S.A..."

My Awards

(Golly That`s a lot 0__0° 159 Awards)

My Subpages

Shop of Wonder AND HQ of Death AND Template Collection AND My Stories AND My Signatures

Awards I give to Others


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