Welcome to my userpage. I'm Fluffery, a former Club Penguin player. Due to the fact I recently left the game, I'm mostly here for the chat and to interact between other wikians. However, if I see a typo or something I know to be incorrect on a page, I'll gladly help edit pages. I also like to keep up with current events of Club Penguin, just to see if anything worth logging in for is taking place.

In real life, I consider myself inteligent, geeky, and weird. I'm kinda known at school for being strange yet smart. I love animals, and am strongly against animal slaughtering, hence I am a vegetarian. I have no religious beliefs because of the lack of evidence, but I'm always open to consider other's viewpoints.

My Userboxes

Atheism Fluffery is an atheist.
Autism This user has autism.

My contributions

I'm not a frequent contributer to this wiki, but you can see what I've edited here:

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