Penguin with pary hat

penguin with party hat (note it flpped around)

hello penguins im new to the club penguin wiki and i might be getting my own wiki called Elite Weevil Wiki.
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my favourte pages is 7th Anniversary Hat (tha i made

7th Anniversary Hat
7th Anniversary Hat
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Head Item
Member item No
Party 7th Anniversary Party
Cost Free
Where found Possibly Coffee Shop or Book Room
Item ID 1492
Unlockable No

The 7th Anniversary Party Hat is a head item item that will be available during the 7th Anniversary Party on Club Penguin. Like all the other party hats, when the party finishes, it will never return.


  • Unlike the 6th Anniversary Hat, it is the shape of the original party hats.
  • Its colors might be gold and blue.
  • Although not confirmed, since it was added to the game files in October 2012, this is most likely the hat for the 7th Anniversary Party.
  • It will be the 8th party hat on Club Penguin.
  • This hat is different from Yearbook Quiz Cards as that hat has seven color lines while this one has only six. Also, the gold stripes on the quiz cards are skinnier than these.
  • This item can be permed already on CPYS, and there the Id is 49550.


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