aka Froggyfrog8 / Jason

  • I live in South Hamilton, Massachusettes
  • I was born on November 28
  • I am Male

Full Name Agent Froggyfrog8
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Elite Penguin Force Agent, Tour Guide, Comm Student
Appeared The Fair 2011, Halloween Party 2011, 6th Anniversary Party, Card-Jitsu Party 2011, Holiday Party 2011, New Year's Day 2012, Underwater Expedition, Fashion Show, Rockhopper's Quest, Puffle Party 2012, April Fools' Party 2012, Easter Egg Hunt 2012, Earth Day 2012, Medieval Party 2012, Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, Smoothie Smash Grand Opening, The Fair 2012, Halloween Party 2012, 7th Anniversary Party, Operation: Blackout, Holiday Party 2012, New Year's Day 2013, Prehistoric Party 2013, Hollywood Party, Red Nose Day, Puffle Party 2013, Operation: Hot Sauce, Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, Card-Jitsu Party 2013, Monsters University Takeover, Star Wars Takeover, Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, Medieval Party 2013, Halloween Party 2013, 8th Anniversary Party, Festival of Lights, Quest for the Gold Puffle, Operation: Puffle, Holiday Party 2013, New Year's Day 2014, Prehistoric Party 2014, The Fair 2014, Russian Welcome Event, Muppets World Tour, Puffle Party 2014, Funny Hat Week, Future Party, Penguin Prom, Penguin Cup, Music Jam 2014, Turbo Race 3000, Frozen Party, School & Skate Party, Halloween Party 2014, 9th Anniversary Party, Pirate Party 2014, Merry Walrus Parade, Merry Walrus Party, New Year's Day 2015, Star Wars Rebels Takeover, SoundStudio Party, Pi Day, Puffle Party 2015, Cave Maze, Haiku Day, Frozen Fever Party 2015, The Fair 2015, Rainbow Puffle Party, Royalty Week, Festival of Snow 2015, Inside Out Party, Fashion Festival, Descendants Party, Talk Like a Pirate Day, 10th Anniversary Party, Halloween Party 2015, Mustache Madness, Extreme Paint Festival, Operation: Crustacean, Holiday Party 2015, New Year's Day 2016, Prehistoric Party 2016 , Operation: Tri-umph, Puffle Party 2016, Wilderness Expedition 2016, Zootopia Party, Finding Dory Party, Frozen Fever Party 2016, Halloween Party 2016, 11th Anniversary Party, Music Jam 2016, Holiday Party 2016, Club Penguin Island Party, Waddle On Party, Holiday Party 2017
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items The Side Swept, Blue Striped Scarf, Custom Hoodie, Blue Checkered Shoes
Related To Various Puffles (Pets)
Friends With Rockhopper, Director of the PSA (Aunt Arctic), Cadence, Gary, Rookie, Sensei, PH, Franky, Petey K, G Billy, Stompin' Bob, Dot, Merry Walrus, Sasquatch, Rocky, CeCe, Brady, McKenzie, Kermit and You (if you add him)
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Jason Kenny
Froggyfrog8 does not have a Club Penguin Island counterpart.
I love the colon three emoticon!
— Froggyfrog8

Froggyfrog8 is a Comm student for the EPF. He is a light blue penguin wearing The Side Swept, a Blue Striped Scarf (ID 3012), a Custom Hoodie, and Blue Checkered Shoes.

Froggyfrog8 made his first appearance sometime around November 2011. His first appearance was the "The Fair 2011" party. Froggyfrog8 and Rookie appear to be great friends. Froggyfrog8 is also an EPF Agent and former PSA Agent.

He was a special guest for various "Twitter Parties", where penguins with Twitter hold parties/contests, and invites other user to join. He was very common to be seen at the Halloween Party 2013, The Fair 2012, The Fair 2014, the School & Skate Party, and The Fair 2015.


Froggyfrog8 was one of the first penguins to get into the PSA. Alike his friend Rookie, he is too a silly, compassionate penguin. He has been dreaming to be an actor, and has auditioned many times to preform at "The Stage". Being an actor has developed his dramatic, and extroverted personality. In Operation: Blackout, Rookie and other various EPF agents have been captured, and it was Froggyfrog8's job to save them all.



In Specials


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese rããyrã8
French Grenouilleeygrenouille8
Spanish Franchuterana8
German Froschhyfrosch8
Russian Лягушачийлягушка8
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