aka FrozenBreath

  • I live in The Snow Forts
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is Computer Addict
  • I am *looks down* ... it's a girl!!

Hello! I'm FrozenBreath and you've found my user page. Well done! As a reward you can read through this page/stalk me, lucky you! If you see my penguin around the island, don't be afraid to say hi!

About Offline Me

I am 15 years old and I live in England, down in the south where everyone speaks a little bit like the queen. I'm approaching the end of Year 10/Freshman year, so I will have a lot of mock exams starting in a couple of weeks, while my real exams are this time next year. I am a lesbian, and in a relationship.

I love cats, and I live with four, as well as living with my parents. I am an only child, and I live quite far from the nearest town and other human beings, but my family are hoping to move this year. I am good at ICT and drama in school, and although my career choices have changed many times in my life, I've always wanted to work for Club Penguin one day. My favourite film is The Cat Returns, and my favourite music genre is metalcore, rock, and post-hardcore, my favourite artists being Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, and Falling In Reverse. I have a strong passion for figure skating, which I've had lessons in since December 2012.

About Club Penguin Me

-My penguin's name is FrozenBreath, and it rather new, having been created during the Future Party, and I joined Club Penguin Wikia not long afterwards. -Using other accounts, my favourite party has been the Summer Kickoff Party 2007, as I enjoyed the free gifts and exploring the island for the first time. -My favourite clothing item is the Cozy Winter Coat, which I had and wore a lot on my old account. -I have been a member many times, when sharing an account, and when buying gift cards with my pocket money. I hope to purchase an ongoing membership in June 2014, however. -I currently have one red puffle called Sam. I would love to be able to adopt the Orange Tabby Cat puffle one day! -My favourite Club Penguin music is the Dojo music on the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game. My second favourite music is the song Anchors Away. -I am usually found on the servers Snowflake (when I'm in the mood for quiet) and White Out (when I feel sociable), but sometimes go on servers with 3 or 4 bars. -I have met Rockhopper and Gary on other accounts, but only Gary on my current account. -I have a huge problem with lag on busy servers, so I tend not to go on them. Lag nearly cost me Gary's background! -I am happy to meet any penguin who wants to hang out, say hi, or if they wants to be friends, so if you see me around, don't be shy!

Club Penguin History

I joined club penguin in June 2007, my first party being the Summer Kickoff Party 2007. My friend had showed me Club Penguin, and after playing a round of Sled Racing, I was hooked. My first account was some random name that I've always pronounced as-da-fudge-oof, and I had that for a couple of months before our internet was down for a long time and I forgot how to spell the username.

My friend shared her account with me, Issiemay, who had been around since mid-2006, and gave me full control after she moved to Malaysia, but in 2009, the account was "hacked" by one of my friends and was consequently permanently banned.

In summer 2011, I came back to Club Penguin with a penguin, and won a place on the author team for a popular Club Penguin blog and forum website. However, when I told one of my friends, word spread and people were quite judgemental, so I stopped using Club Penguin in around December 2011.

Finally, after wondering what Club Penguin was like after my long breaks, I made my current account, FrozenBreath, in May 2014. I didn't tell anybody, as I was older than the 12 year old me who played Club Penguin and got bad reactions from it. I was once again hooked, and experienced happy flashbacks for the next few days.

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