You watch a massive herd of puffles trample John...

"JOHN, NO!" you scream.

They circle around him. John's already crying, looking around helplessly.

Then, they pounce. He jumps up, but they bring him down. His body disappears, under all of the puffles. He crawls out of their attack, making a blood trail behind him. "No..." he groans.

John gets up and limps to the glass window you are facing. He presses his flippers and face against it, smearing it with red blood.

Ronny has his eyes closed, looking away. He grits his teeth as he struggles not to watch. "John..." you say.

"You two...I..." he says. The puffles jump on him again, chewing his skin. "NOOOooo..." his voice trails off.

"" you say.

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Episode 3: Both Sides

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