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Welcome to my userpage, <insert name here>! While you're here, why don't you look around my userpage and see all the different stuff on my userpage? My quiz is under construction, and the only prize you can get from it is a template you get for losing my quiz. More templates will be available soon, so check back every now and then at my userpage! Remember, your puffles are the target of Herbert, and he's the target of you.

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Penguin's Name Gold2232
Favorites Toontown, Club Penguin, Cake, and other stuff
Member? Yes, I've been a member for more than 2 years!
First Pin Fireworks Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper, Gary the Gadget Guy, Candence, (Epic Show Stadium version) and The Penguin Band (Epic Show Stadium version)
Date Joined Wiki September 8, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin January 15, 2010
Admin? Nope

Here you can read about my penguin. If you don't want to read about my penguin, why are you here? I joined in late 2009 as Gold2232. I have a membership. I also have another penguin named Cpgold2232. He is a free account and I never use him. The only reason I made him was to see the new tutorial. Below are some pictures and templates about my penguin Gold2232.

Happy emoticon Gold2232's best friend on Club Penguin is Capavon17.
Black Gold2232's penguin color is Black.

Add yourself here if you are my friend!

Here you will find my awards. Well isn't that obvious?


I'm happy! :) :) :)


If you finished this mission, sign here and take this award!


Take this award after you sign!


I completed Hahahahahahaha's test!!!

Mixer&#039;sQuiz Completed

Thumbs up! Yaaaay!

M Award

The M+ Award. Reminds me of Mc Donalds...


The award I recieved for achieving over 100 edits.


From Myby1 for being in his cast in a play. Thanks!

Here is the list of all my current puffles in my igloo! And yes, I know a lot of early ones are misspelled. THIS PART OF THE USERPAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. NOT ALL PUFFLES ARE SHOWN.

Firesurfer - Unknown when adopted

Browny - Adopted during the Wilderness Expedition

Artist - Adopted April 10, 2011

Icey - Adopted April 30, 2011

Yellow Art - Adopted April 2, 2012

Snowflake - Adopted May 29, 2011

Rainbow - Adopted March 25, 2013

Platinum - Adopted April 5, 2013

Shiner - Adopted November 14, 2013

Here you will find my present and past signatures.

Gold2232 (talk)

September 8, 2012 - March 31, 2013

Gold2232 (Talk)

March 31, 2013 - September 18, 2013 (Still sometimes used)

Powerrangers20Go Go Power Rangers! (Talk)Powerrangers20

September 18, 2013 - TBA

Check out the pages I created on the wiki!

Laser Beam Costume

Black Mask

Fruit Power stamp

Here you will find templates that you can earn from me. Currently, you can add this template to your userpage by meeting me in-game. Which is pretty much impossible unless you make a time for me to come on at the same time as you, the reader, comes on. You know my talkpage is just like, a few clicks away so why don't you go on my talkpage? All you have to do is press on that tab above. Anyways, here is the template!

Grunklestan This user somehow managed to meet Gold2232 in-game.

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