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About me

So yeah Im cleopatra10 on club penguin , my youbute acounnt is fanofkatyperry1.My favourite singers are Katy Perry,China Anne Mclain, Demi Lovato

and Selena Gomez. I like shake it up and My favourite mascots are CeCe
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This is Cece!

and Rocky

This is Rocky!

Yeah thats all!

About my Penguin

So Hi, My penguin Is Cleopatra10 on club penguin.My penguin is a Non Member.Not rare.Made on May 31st 2013 (I think).Its wearing the fire suit parts with hair so i dont have all of the parts.So thats about my penguin!I may put more but that's it for now!

--Green12347 (talk) 17:12, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Im Cleopatra10!

So yeah Im cleopatra10 I dont think you know me (ulness your on my frined list)

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