i come here every so often to look at my old self

i make digital art n stuff! i post most of them on my twitter, @CPGreeno, and i also have an object show on youtube called The Struggle for the World! check it out if ya want.

old stuff below

first of all what am i doing and why am i still looking through this place it brings back memories. now that i think of it nevermind i should stop
— Greeny356 - 29/12/16

What Is Club Penguin?

Imagine a snowy island full of penguins who wear wigs and the latest fashions. Now add ninjas, pirates, secret agents, evil polar bears, villainous crabs, and giant robots... Mix in some furball Puffle pets who can produce any object out of thin air. Anything can happen on Club Penguin... and it usually does..


Ever since I've discovered CP in 2007,I got addicted to it,and each year it gets better and better,and I also wanted to know more of this game,so I found this wiki and eventually joined it.In Club Penguin,I like to roleplay,hang around,etc.My devART acc:

Omg 2

Penguin's Name Greeno357
Favorites Check in favorite category
Member? Yes
First Pin Crayon Pin (I think)
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper Cadence Rocky CeCe
Date Joined Wiki May 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin December 2007
Admin? No

I'd also like to thank User:Dps04 who made my second and third avatars for me. =D

Favorite Stuff In Club Penguin

These are my favorite stuff or parties in club penguin

More soon..

Stuff I like (UnCp)

  • Gravity Falls
  • LEGO
  • Youtube
  • Adventure Time

Stuff I hate (UnCp)=

  • One Direction:They only go one direction and it's DOOWWwwn!
  • Justin Bieber:Little Bieber was annoying,Big Bieber is OBNOXIOUS.
  • YouTube Trolls and Cyberbullies:Who doesn't hate 'em?
  • San Andreas Fault:Yes,thanks to you,your gonna shake up California!

Penguin-Pal's Pin Tracker

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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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If there was another background for your igloo,what would it be?

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Which type of puffles are better?

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My Random Gallery that is indeed random

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