aka Flying Penguin/Blader

  • I live in Indonesia

About me

I like to play CP when they have an awesome party! I like adventuring in CP, I also checked almost all of the igloos in a server, Because some are not popular so it's easy to check, I mean there are just a little amout of igloos in 1/2 rated server. I got 2 puffles-Aston98067. Privacy Policy!

About my Penguins

  • Aston98067-My main penguin

Registered in 2008-My 1st penguin

  • Gumballfan21-Not so,

Registered in 2011-My 2nd last penguin

  • Jakefinnbmo-I like to use him to go somewhere

Registered in 2012-He is new!

My favorite pages

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  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3

My contributions

My favorite stuffs

  • Adventure time
  • Regular show
  • The amazing world of gumball
  • Club penguin
  • Moshi monsters - Music videos only
  • Beyblade

My Penguin's igloos

My Achivements & Random Templates

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