• I live in Can-eh!-da
  • My occupation is not editing wiki pages lol
  • I am wamen

NOTE: This page will be outdated due to my absence. I'll swing by occasionally, don't worry, but it may be awhile before you see this pretty face again. ;) Au revoir...

About my Penguin

Hey everyone! I'm Gummyz1315. Here's a few facts about me...

  • My penguin is too many days old to count anymore.
  • I was a Water Ninja, Snow Ninja, a Tour Guide and an EPF Agent.
  • Some of my favourite parties are Music Jam, April Fool's, the Medieval parties, and Fairs!
  • I beta tested Card-Jitsu Snow.
  • I ALWAYS wore my watch... (Unless there was a special item I have to wear.)
  • I owned 11 puffles.
  • I had 210 Stamps, and 128 pins.
  • I'm left handed!


Colour: Orange and indigo

Mini-Game: Ice Fishing and CJS

Famous Penguin: Cadence or Rookie

Server: Breeze

Igloo: Split Level Igloo or the Cozy Cottage

Party: Music Jam 2011, Island Adventure Party 2011, April Fool's parties, Medieval Party 2011 + 2012

Food: PIE! or cookies

Sport: Volleyball

Constellation: Orion

Bird: Flamingo

TV Show: Once Upon a Time, Gravity Falls, Survivor

Wig: The Auburn or The Chocolate

Head Item (non-wig): Propeller Cap

Face Item: Comm Headset

Neck Item: All Access Pass (2011 version), Flower Messenger Bag, Sunset Scarf

Body Item: Urban Top and Jacket, Knotted Recycle T-Shirt, Classy T-Shirt, Striking Red Jacket

Hand Item: My watch or my puffles!

Feet Items: Fuzzy Boots, Orange High Tops

My favorite pages

-5 (EST) This user is 5 hours behind UTC and goes by USA Eastern time.
AWWPIE This user thinks pie rocks, true fact!
Gummyz1315 is Christian.
Flagamb Gummyz1315 is Canadian.
Clothing Icon 113 This user wears glasses! Looking smart!
Gummyz1315 is female.
Stamp26 Gummyz1315 has 210 Stamps.
PartyStartsNowFull4 The Party Starts Now because Gummyz1315 completed the first part of JWPengie's Second Quiz!!!
CoolintheCold22 It was cool in the cold when Gummyz1315 completed the fourth part of JWPengie's Second Quiz!!!
GFQW Win Gummyz1315 has completed the Gravity Falls Quiz!
24-plus EN Gummyz1315 is a Level 5 member, meaning they have been a member for over 2 years.
JWPengie Story 3.2.6 Gummyz1315 is really brave, and they acted in The Lightning Strikes Back, one of JWPengie's Awesome Stories!
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