About me

I have been playing Club Penguin for about three years.

If you want to contact me I am mostly on the Total Drama Island Wiki.

I am a brunette and live in the good old US of A!

I think I am addicted to Club Penguin (Jk)

I like club penguin because it lets u express who you are: a goth, a punk, a girly girl-even if you are the exact oppisite.

My contributions

My Favorites

Puffle Color: Purple and Black

Penguin Color: Brown

Team: Blue

My thoughts about bay bees: I think they are cute.

Server: Abominable

People I've seen

Gary - In the mine on snowfall! Only 3 other penguins saw him with me!

Candance: Once

Rockhopper: About 4 times

My favorite pages

  • 1. Mwa Mwa Penguin (It got deleted, fail cp wiki!)
  • 2. Elite Penguin Force
  • 3. Parties

My Templates/Userboxes

Gwen12 is female.
1stYearPartyHat This user completed the 1st Year Quiz.

Random Stuff About Me

I have brown hair.

I have a chocolate lab.

I am a total Teen Titans nerd... Currently I am trying to get six puffles and name them after the characters. Robin will have red, Starfire gets purple, Raven gets black, Cyborg gets blue, Beast Boy will get green, and Terra will get pink.

Club Penguin is one of my favorite things to do in my free time.

I own the number 1,456 on

The First Person to talk to me on this wiki is Lily8789

I may be a cheerleader on club penguin, but i am not stuck up about it!

I stink at math.

I can speak a little Spainish.

I am of Greek Decendance.

I live in the USA

My favorite kind of pudding is chocolate

I have been playing cp for over 3 years!

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