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My current player card.
Penguin's Name Hakkan123
Favorites Gary the Gadget Guy,Operation: Puffle,The Fair 2011,Golden Puffle,Puffle Party 2013,The Tuned In,Rockhopper,Polo Field,Holiday Party 2010,Rookie
Member? Yes Membership Badge.PNG
First Pin Carabiner Pin
Famous Penguins Met All except The Penguin Band
Date Joined Wiki December 29,2013
Date Joined Club Penguin August 21,2010
Admin? No
King Hunter's current player card

Hi, welcome to my user page, my penguin name is Hakkan123(My penguin ID is P134026754) and I am happy to stay here. I'm joined Club Penguin in 21th August, 2010.If you want send me a buddy request, only do it,I'll accept all :).

About my Penguin

My penguin name is Hakkan123,I'm joined in CP in August 21,2010,I'm member since December 2010,I'm a ninja of fire,water and snow,my favorites characters are Rockhopper and Gary,my favorite game is Smoothie Smash and my favortie moderator is Polo Field.My alternative penguin is King Hunter.

I love take care my puffles, my favourite is the brown puffle,because it's smart and it's expert in computers.I love the music(And that's why I wear headphones XP),especially the electronic music and pop(Well,not at all).I like cake(obviously =P) and play with friends :).

About me

I live in Lima,Peru.I have black hair and brown eyes,I'am 147cm, I'am a Little Monster(Fan of Lady Gaga),I learned to play the keyboard and piano when I was 7 years old and I like electronic,pop(Only in Gaga's songs) and rock music.I like build with LEGO pieces.

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