aka Manish Dhabai

  • I live in India
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Playing Games :P
  • I am male

Know me Know Fun, No me No Fun

Name Hero61306
Favorite Major Tunage Shirt
Member? Yes
Friends 261
Coins? 201220
Stamps 227/351
Hero61306's current player card

Welcome <insert name here> to my page.

About My Penguin

Hi <insert name here> I'm Hero61306. If you ever require my attention just message me here.

My Positions

Mostely Used Server

  • Ice Berg
  • Icicle
  • Rainbow
  • Slushy


The galaxy needs you! Which Star Wars character are you playing as?

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My Stamps


See the Main Article:User:Hero61306/Stamps EventsCharacter 0/12
Party 19/24
Activities 31/35
GamesAqua Grabber 10/20
Astro Barrier 2/12
Card-Jitsu 8/10
Card-Jitsu Fire 7/8
Card-Jitsu Snow 18/21
Card-Jitsu Water 7/8
Cart Surfer 12/12
Catchin' Waves 15/22
Ice Fishing 8/10
Jet Pack Adventure 5/18
Missions 22/22
Pizzatron 3000 10/10
Puffle Launch 3/12
Puffle Rescue 8/27
Pufflescape 7/11
Smoothie Smash 16/16
System Defender 12/14
Thin Ice 4/9
Treasure Hunt 0/5
Video Games Game Day 0/14
Pins 45

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My Mostely Wear


  • Golden : Goldy
Golden Puffle Stamp 1 Hero61306 has a Gold Puffle

  • Black : Dubstep
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Black Hero61306 has a black puffle named Dubstep.

  • White : Snowy
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card White Hero61306 has a white puffle named Snowy.

  • Green : Funny
Operation Puffle Post Game Interface Puffe Image Green Hero61306 has a green puffle  named Funny.

  • Red : Supercool
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red Hero61306 has a Red Puffle named Supercool.

  • Blue : Verycool
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue Hero61306 has a blue puffle named Verycool.


Summer Card!

Have a great summer!
Finished card

~ From user:Autoeditior


Color Party This user makes customs!
Hello123 Hero61306 is Excellent!
ORANGEpuff This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
5thYearPartyHat Hero61306 found Dps04's fifth secret page! Brilliant!.
Million dollar cheque I completed the Dps04's Quiz and won a MILLION DOLLARS!
Red Tour Guide Hero61306 is a Tour Guide on Club Penguin!
Coin This user has over 50,000 Coins!
Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! Hero61306 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
Ninja in-game Hero61306 is a ninja!

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FireNinja4 Hero61306 is a Fire Ninja!
WaterNinja4 Hero61306 is a Water Ninja!
SnowNinja3 Hero61306 is a Snow Ninja!
Snow Beta Hat icon Hero61306 has the Snow Beta Hat!
Membership Badge Hero61306 is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!

Party Hat icon Ok! Hero61306 reached a goal of 100 edits!
Male Hero61306 is male.
India flag This user is Indian.
Green Puffle Hero61306 loves puffles.
Penguin Play Award This user has mastered Dps04's 2011 Quiz Part 1! Sensei is proud of him/her!
Rockhopper with Yarr In-GameSensei real This user has completed all of the 2005-2010 quiz! They are very intelligent!
Gary42 Hero61306 has completed PixieLil's Gary the Gadget Guy quiz!
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