Hey, Puffle Dude!

aka Puffle

  • I live in My penguin lives at 13 Waddly Way, but I live in Canada.
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is An admin on Our New Electrical Morals wiki. In game I am an apprentice puffle handler.
  • I am Female

Hello all! I am Hey, Puffle Dude (but you can call me Puffle Dude). I love random pictures, memes, and captioned photos, and I will quite often post them on the wiki! (Don't worry-on my page only :P) If you sent me one of those it would make my day!

About my Penguin


Full Name Ratwick
Species Penguin
Position EPF Agent, Tour Guide
Appeared Most parties on the island, especially the Music Jams.
Color Peach
Clothes Items Geta Sandals, Music Jam Shirt, Shell Necklace (I got it when it was rare) and the The Taa Daa
Related To I am related to other penguins.
Friends With My fab puffles Davis, Steve, OJ, Bubbles, Mona Lisa, Midnight, Grapes, Cherry, Chocolate, and Em, everyone who adds me, Rockhopper, and DJ Cadence
Meetable Character? Yes

My penguin was created around 2007. I had lots of fun playing with her. My friend created a CP account and we had lots of fun pretend-tipping the iceberg, playing spies, and playing Puffle School. Having discovered Sims 3 and other video games, my friend and I moved off CP and found other things. I came back December 2012 for a brief period of time. I went on every few months, taking care of my puffles and my friend's. For Christmas 2012 I had gotten a membership, and I instantly used it. I joined the wiki in 2013 and that rekindled my love of CP. I was on every day again, exploring the revamped island. From August 2013 to early January, I was off the wiki and CP. On January 25, 2014, I decided to try and be a more active user on both the wiki and Club Penguin.


Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Yellow Hey, Puffle Dude! has a yellow puffle.
Green Puffle Hey, Puffle Dude! loves puffles.
Puffle Launch Puffle Orange This user is quirky!
ORANGEpuff This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
Flagamb Hey, Puffle Dude! is Canadian.
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