Hi!My name is Flame 875 on club penguin.Everybody calls me Flame.This is some information about me.

Pledge-I,hotflameboy promise to never quit,unless i have a good reason.I will do my best,edit my best,and be my best.I will be a kind person to everyone on this wiki.I shall work together to make the CPW Wiki a better place for everyone.I will never do anything wrong,bad,or unapropriate on this wiki.

Friends(club penguin)-these are some really good friends i have on Club Penguin.You will probably find me hanging out with them.

Fluffy 21-Best friend on Club Penguin.

Fireball 128-A good friend on Club Penguin.

Viv123456-A really good friend on Club Penguin.

superdaisy-a good friend on Club Penguin.

barkjon-a good friend ever since we met on Club Penguin.

Keyser5-a good friend on Club Penguin.

Pixelpink506-good friend on Club Penguin.

Rjm0096-Best friend in real life.

Fluffin Stuf-A good friend on Club Penguin.

Lester555-A good friend on Club Penguin.

Friends on the wiki,add your name below if you want to.

barkjon superdaisy Dancing Penguin (Ford Car) Arre 320 Teltu

Hobbies-I play baseball and basketball.I am currently living my dreams as being a song writer.I LOVE club penguin.Without Club Penguin,this wouldn't even be here.I sometimes play guitar.And I like to surf.

Where to find-You can find me on the server Half Pipe.I am usual at the cove,or in my igloo.I usual put it on the map.

My tips for cart surfer-Here is what i do for cart surfer.

1.The only tricks i do are the backflip (down space),and run on rails (down) until i have to turn.Take turns doing them. 2.The turn i do (to get more points)is rail grind (down left/right). 3.Use all of your cart falls.I use them maybe every 1500 points or so.

hints- 1.If you do a trick two times in a row,it only gives you half the points as usual for the trick.Try to take turnss doing tricks.What i do is backflip,rul on rails,back flip,run on rails,and so on until the turn comes. 2.The more falls you use,the more chance you get of getting a lot of coins.Try using all three falls.

These are the things i do for cart surfer.My highscore is 5764 points!!!!!!!If you use these tips like i do,you can get atleast close to 4000 points every game!

What is your favorite part about this wiki?

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Facts about me-

I'm 11 years old Club penguin is my favorite past time I live in America in the state of Pennsylvania

Articles that i made/started-

  • Player Cards
  • Limited Edition Items
  • Golden Puffle
  • Rainbow Puffle
  • Ice Berg Catlog
  • Tipping the Ice Berg
  • Gong Show

How to walk on the walls/top of the screen -I found a way to walk on walls.Here are the steps.

1.Go to the bottom-right corner of your screen 2.There should be a zoom level at the bottom-right of the screen (should say 100%).Click on it. 3.Go to custom edit and put in 999%.The screen should be really big (some part of the screen will be white). 4.Now go where you want to walk on,and when you are there,go back to 100%.

What stinks about this is,it doesn't show on other penguin's screens.But it is good for funny pictures.It actually could be used in any room.

test penguin-Flame 875 This is a penguin that i use on club penguin when i forget my password.You won't usually find me going on this penguin.

400 Hotflameboy has made over 400 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

> 350 actually
Rockhopper real penguin new Hotflameboy has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!

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